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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Here is the second installment of the reflections on the feminine approach to Kundalini, sent to me by a reader.   The writer is 62 years old and has been practicing yoga for many years.  She has obviously accumulated great knowledge and wisdom on her journey--she is herself clearly one of the "wise women elders" she speaks of.

Yes, the Feminine way is relational, receptive, intuitive, circular or spiral.  Its Essence is LOVE. In a book entitled "Coming Home to Myself" by the Jungian author Marion Woodman and Jill Mellick,  Jill says the following:  "Catherine Bateson, in Composing a Life, remarks that women's outer lives are rarely led along trajectories toward unchanging goals.  They are complex patterns of tasks, passions, and responsibilities that INTENTIONALLY LIVE IN RESPONSE TO changing demands.  To evaluate the achievements of such lives by objective linear measure is to miss the truth of how we women really experience our lives and what we really value."  .......

Although the book is written from a Jungian psyhological perspective and is not about Mother Kundalini and its awakening, it points to the fact that our feminine Energies (whether inner or outer) move in delicious circular patterns and they shift, evolve, thrust, receive, retreat, RESPOND to the "changing demands" of our Divine Beloved (the Kundalini Energy).  They cannot, in my humble opinion and experience, be evaluated by "objective linear measures" and put into a book with a linear, logical, rational "map" so that we all can follow.  Maybe if you are NOT dealing with the Kundalini Energy in its stronger apparition, you can follow some set of prescribed exercises in a particular pattern to begin your spiritual journey.  Totally a good idea for most.....however, ONCE THE ENERGY COMES ALIVE, then DANCE with the Great Mother, with the Divine Beloved however one may "visualize" Him or Her, and let HIM/HER lead.  Be receptive and open to its promptings.....LISTEN, FEEL, LET GO, FOLLOW, SURRENDER.  If things get too intense, talk to someone, read accounts (like your stunning book) written by Females of their Journey with this Divine Energy.  Talk to a therapist if needed to work through difficult issues that may come up....and make sure the therapist has a spiritual bend and is familiar with the word Kundalini.  However, at this point in time in our history(herstory), we need one another to share stories, experiences as you so correctly pointed out in your last email. . .  Naturally a wholesome diet (whatever that may mean to each person) and some form of moderate exercise (walking is great) greatly benefit the journey.

Right now, at this moment, The Energy is becoming very "fiery" in my senior body once again.  Psychologically, lots of anger/rage, fear, despair, grief....all very strong... coming up yet again from childhood issues to be met with mercy and healed.  The work moved down to the first three Chakras once more.  Yet, at moments it surges to the 4th and I am lost in LOVE and ECSTASY beyond my ability to describe in words.  The Energy feels so ALIVE.  I really want to just be alone to "dance" with It.  Interesting to note that my husband, who is a wonderful man and NOT on any formal spiritual Path, is just astonished with the details I choose to share with him.  He is supportive and yet, this is not his lifetime to explore within.

Lately,  I have been reading mystical Poetry outloud during the beginning of my practices or listening to Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla from my CD.....it is such magnificent fuel for the Fire.  Then maybe some music (each day I just allow the Energy to tell me what She wants) and the movements become spontaneous (mudras, gestures, asanas, Mantras) that just flow forth without "me" doing anything.  The Energy "does" it all.  Sometimes it is quiet and still, other times the "practices" are fiery and strong.  I never know what is coming...I just sit, lay, sing, dance until the Energy takes over and then.......Ahhhh, the suprises of my Inner Lover!!!  I do take time to do something grounding before I come out of my practices....if I do not, I tend to be a bit spacy, unfocused and "just a little bit drunk" from the Wine of the Beloved, so my responsibilities during my day get "out of whack" (and if I'm "tipsy", who cares!).

....we all need....Wise Women Elders well versed in the art of Sacred Lovemaking with the Divine Beloved.

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