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Monday, July 02, 2012

Male and Female approaches to Kundalini

I have from the beginning followed my own path, which involved following the inner energies, rather than trying to direct them in certain paths.  Actually, when we do the latter, we are in fact simply copying the prescribed models handed down from the ancient past, and of course these were designed by and created for males, whose aim (frequently) was to arouse the sexual energies, then "bring the sperm up to the head."  This method,, though useful in certain circumstances, really does not accurately describe nor serve the natural purpose of the female, especially in the contemporary world.

The typical "male" approach is to control, direct, and use for his own purposes the world about him. This approach does not, of course, include all men, some of whom are quite "feminine" in their responses.  And we know now that the term "feminine" involves the receptive, intuitive, feeling way, wherever it is expressed.  Thus when we "follow" the energies, we are in fact incorporating a "feminine" approach into our practice.

While many (including both men and women) prefer to have a prescribed "container" for their sadhana, others discover the delights of a free flowing, ever fluid experience, allowing the Kundalini herself to direct and lead.  Trouble arises when we try to follow a prescriptive method when it is not suited to our nature.  I experienced extreme difficulties early on when I was persuaded to switch from a natural energetic practice to mantra, which I was not ready for at the time.  As someone said, it was like putting a lid on a boiling pot.  One recent correspondent said that she herself suffered agonies when she kept experiencing ecstatic states during what was supposed to be a quiet, still meditation practice.

Each person is unique and needs to discover the right practice for them.  Some will want to sit quietly on a cushion, others will need to dance or move or listen to music, exploring ever more subtle realms. There is no "one size fits all" approach to Kundalini.  It is a transaction between the self and the divine source, and must be discovered by each practitioner for her/him self.

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