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Monday, July 30, 2012

Often, for reasons that are not clear, the "connection" with the divine beloved within seems to be broken.  Than, again as a surprise, that connection is restored.  Here is a beautiful account of one woman's reconnection  which came about as she was swimming in the ocean.  (This is the same person I have quoted before on other issues.)

After a long, LONG absence, I feel His "touch" again, his "nearness".  My senses are ALIVE and each breathtaking moment especially when I am out in a natural setting, the communion with "That One" is heightened till I think I will faint from so much inner Joy.

Today, I went for a dip in the Ocean.  It was a scorcher outside, yet by the seashore there was this delicious breeze playing with my skin and the whole experience began to unfurl.  I almost ran, like a Lover into the arms of her Beloved, close to the shoreline where my toes began to feel, to experience, to imbibe the play of the gentle waves as I sank my toes into the wet sand.  Each and every cell exploded into some mysterious "hummmmm" that was palpable and captivating. The Beach was somewhat empty during the workweek, yet there were some swimmers around.  I wondered if they could sense somehow what was unfolding within for me, it was that intense.  I let go of that thought and returned to the rhythmic movement happening between my Divine Beloved, Mother Nature and this bundle of ecstatic flesh.  Coming out of a long, LONG dry spell in some barren inner landscape, this was a feast of pure delight and pure Oneness, both!  As I continued to move further into the water, the experience just intensified and the mind wondered, "who" was directing this choreography or was the dance doing "me"?  Immersed in the wetness, "I"  disappeared for a moment (or was it an Eternity?) and there was just differing frequencies of Energies merging in and out of form and formlessness.  My eyes were open, "Something" behind them was peering at the Beauty of its Creation and at the same time there was just the "Something".  Almost impossible to put into words the pure bliss pulsating through the body...and simultaneously the Silence beyond the body.  The Divine Paradox was everywhere and nowhere.

I cannot tell you how long I was enfolded in that Grace, except when I began to
"return", every atom in this two-legged animal was smiling and the sweetness lingered throughout the evening.  These days have been different versions of similar experiences.  Senses highly aroused, the promise of the "kiss" from my Divine Beloved always nearby as I sink deeper and deeper into this Wonder.

I know, from past experiences, that these gifts arrive and at times "seem to" depart, and the desert returns.  Yet, for now, I am in the midst of a lush, verdant rainforest and I just breathe, give thanks, and walk around drenched
some wild Love.  My Beloved has come Home.  The fruits ripen on the vine and the scent of the night blooming Jasmine is intoxicating.  I drink from His cup that Holy Wine and, for now, my thirst is fully quenched.  It feels so personal, so intimate and so impersonal and all-encompassing.

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