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Thursday, July 05, 2012

When the Heart Chakra Opens in Ecstasy

Here are some further comments from the reader who wrote about matriarchal vs. patriarchal approaches:

There was this one time.....during which I was taking a workshop on Yoga maybe about 20 years ago which was very well attended.  There must have been over 150
people in the room.  We were asked to partner with another person of our same sex (have no clue why) and I partnered with another lady.  We were asked to get into the Cobra Pose while the other assistant gently held our hand behind us so that we could open more through the chest in the pose.  Well....lo and behold....as I entered the pose in a slow and meditative way (as we were encouraged to do) I began to feel the rapture, the bliss, the ecstasy mounting all over my body, but especially concentrated in my first, second and third Chakras.   Every cell of my body felt throbbing and so ALIVE!  The feelings of deep pleasure were intense and then......something felt like it exploded in my first Chakra and for a split second, I truly thought I was going to have to get up and leave the pose.  Yet, before the thought finished forming in my mind, the Energy shot up from the first to the fourth chakra and the orgasm happened in that fourth chakra.  My whole body shook,  I let out a rather loud scream from the pleasure being felt in every atom of my Being.  The "me" dissolved for just a few seconds (it felt longer) and I was ONE with all Life.  Nothing quite like that has happened since, and certainly not in a public arena!  The facilitator of the program came running (the poor lady partnering with me kept repeating that she was feeling a waterfall of Energy pouring from my body to hers) asking if I was okay.  I was so immersed in the bliss I wanted to be left alone and not talk.  He kept insisting for me to answer him as I lowered myself back on the mat.  I think I told him to be quiet and that I was alright.  Then he looked at me and realized I was in some other state, put a blanket tenderly over my body, and left me there til the end of the session.  I was just drunk with the wine of the Beloved.  Then when the session ended, they asked if anyone wanted to share.  I just wanted to run to my room and be in Silence with the bliss.  So I kept quiet until someone pointed at me and asked why I had screamed.  So I got up in front of the group and reluctantly shared the experience with whatever language I could come up with to describe what happened and what I was feeling still.  You could hear a pin drop in the room.   After the session ended, I just literally ran out because I did not want to talk about it further at that moment when I was still feeling so utterly open, vulnerable and ecstatic.  So I just went to my room for a long time and then went for a walk in Nature.  What Grace.  In spite of the public situation....the experience was so profound that its perfume still lingers as I share it with you.

Yes, I too feel at  times delicious pleasure in my legs arms, ears, neck, cheeks....all divinely exquisite.  I wholeheartedly agree as you say in your remarkable book that "anywhere can be a point of entry, a place of exquisite pleasure".  Also, in the past (not so much recently) I too felt almost overwhelming bliss when given a massage....this was puzzling at the beginning of my journey.  I also believe with every fiber of my Being that this process unfolding for so many of us now, in differing levels, yet all the Same Divine Energy, is the transformational "shift in consciousness" that is being felt so intensely on this Planet.  I also truly believe that it is the Feminine Face of the Divine leading the way and it will be through the feminine in both women and men that we will move into a new Earth.  The way things are now cannot remain, old structures and archaic programs must dissolve and give way to something new and ever more balanced and harmonious.

(from Dorothy:  I had an experience many years ago similar to that which she describes here.  It was an opening of the heart chakra (which had never fully opened before) so exquisite I thought I would expire from the rapture.  I was alone, seated on the floor with legs crossed, feeling the bliss energies move here and there as I listened to a bit of music and rotated my upper body. I was astonished to discover that such indescribable feelings of ecstasy could emanate from the fourth chakra--but indeed this was the case.  I never really repeated that experience thereafter, but it told me what was possible.

And--of course--my thoughts about the "shift in consciousness" are the same as hers.  I think many writers and teachers presenting on this topic today miss the primary point--that the shift will (and does) involve experiences of rapturous feeling beyond what any of us might have imagined.  And--this "shift" will be available to all who are open to it, as the "morphogenetic field" increases.  Those teachers who insist that such is not possible or at least not desirable are in for a surprise.)

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