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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Curious Notion 

Recently when I gave a local talk on Kundalini, someone asked me if I thought awakening had anything to do with UFO's.  My answer was no, but the truth is I am quite fascinated with the many T. V. programs now showing on ancient alien visitors, current sightings, abductions, and such.

There are many ancient monuments that appear to have been constructed by some beings with intelligence or skill other than human.  No one has really accounted for this phenomenon.  In addition, there are such things as ancient petroglyphs depicting creatures who appear to be clothed in space suits.  And, moreover, there are many Renaissance and medieval paintings  depicting strange flying objects in the sky, many with beams of light extending down to earth, some with passengers clearly visible within.

When I last saw these paintings on a recent program, they reminded me of the famous painting of the conception of the Christ child.  In this painting, the Holy Ghost impregnates Mary through a beam of light that enters her ear.  Well--could it be?  Is it possible that what is actually being shown is conception of a divine infant not from a god or godlike being, but an alien visitor, who has chosen this means of mating with a human partner?  Mythology abounds with stories of gods coupling with humans--one such story is even included in the Bible, when the "sons of god" were attracted to the "daughters of men."

Ufologists insist that the "gods" referred to in these myths and legends are in fact, alien visitors from outer space, and that we as a species are in fact their offspring.  Some propose that the "aliens" manipulated the DNA of the higher primates in order to produce the "human" version of life on this planet--part of their argument is that there is a gap in the fossil record--the transformation from ape to human is not represented--thus evolution alone does not account for the transition to the higher life form (us).

I am not insisting that any of this speculation is true, but such reflections do offer interesting ideas for consideration as possible answers to the age old question, "Where do we come from?"

(painting found on www.forbiddenhistory)

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