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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ancient Yogis as Aliens 

I confess, I am an avid fan of the "Ancient Aliens" series on--I believe--the History 2 channel on T. V.  Some segments have suggested that tales of early gods and goddesses may in fact have been referring to visiting alien arrived on earth in space ships.  This scenario seems a bit unlikely to me, but recently it occurred to me that indeed, the ancient yogis of India and the far East were said to perform feats much like those attributed to the aliens.

These early yogis (such a Padmasambhava) were said to be able to appear in several places at once--thus they could convert large numbers of people in a relatively short time.  (Padmasambhava is credited with converting Tibet to Buddhism, rather than the more primitive Bonn religion that they had followed previously.)

They were also said to be able to"fly through the air" at will, and easily teleport themselves to other locations.  They were also able to become invisible whenever they chose.

Early Indian literature contains accounts of aerial warfare between spaceships--as if enemy alien groups were fighting one another.

The notion of an alien connection is pure speculation on my part.  But, who knows, given the mounting evidence of early day visitors from other parts of the cosmos, many things now seem possible that were not believed before.

Many of the feats described above were also included in the Star Trek series, and apparently contemporary science sometimes seeks to duplicate these phenomena in modern inventions.

Events that seemed impossible not long ago now are taking place in the present day world of science and technology.  Who is to say what our future (perhaps very near future) may hold?

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