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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Andrew Harvey Reads Rumi 

Of course, Rumi is wonderful in whatever form, but his  poems are especially moving when they are said aloud by an accomplished speaker, such as Andrew Harvey.  Andrew is a renowned Rumi scholar and translator of Rumi's poems, as well as being one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.  To hear him read these poems on his recent CD set called "Rumi Symphony" is truly a profound experience.  The full name of the set is "Rumi Symphony, A Journey into Divine Passion."  The experience is further enriched by the musical background provided by Hans Christian.

I am sure the CD's (2) are available from Andrew's website (www.AndrewHarvey.net) or Amazon.

Such readings are what we desperately need to get us through these difficult times.

"Love is the One
who masters all things.
I am mastered totally by love."

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