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Friday, August 10, 2012

Holding it Together 

No doubt about it, we are now in a time of vast global crisis on all fronts.  Many of us are experiencing repercussions in our own bodies, as if we were picking up on the disturbed vibrations of the planet.  Many, many people are suffering from illnesses for which there is no discernable physical cause.  2012, the time of universal change, seems to have hit full force.

At the same time, as most of us realize, there is a widespread shift of consciousness, as if the old forms were simply being cleared away for a new era in societal evolution.  Sometimes it is hard to keep on believing that all the negative changes are ultimately for the good of all, but I think something inside us insists that such is the case.

Whatever the outcome, it is obvious that "something is happening."  I think our best course is to hold on to our faith, to know that the wonderful transformations going on all around us are evidence that good can come from such widespread destruction.  We can hold ourselves steady, in whatever way is best for us, and help our friends and neighbors who are suffering.

One person calls this state of painful shifting "ascensionitis."  We know the old Zen saying, "Without pain is no gain."  This is our time of moving toward infinite gain, and of necessity some pain will accompany it as well.

It is indeed an exciting time to be alive on  this particular planet.

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