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Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I am Wary of the "Spirit" World 

I think that many of us are fascinated by the "other world" of spirits, where, apparently, the dead speak or give signs of their presence.  Some of the signs are quite lovely, others not.  I remember a friend once describing an event connected to her dead grandfather.  She asked him to give a sign of his presence, and immediately several glass eggs, arranged on top of the (old fashioned) radio in a circle, few off in different directions.  Obviously, some energy or force caused this reaction, but there is, of course, no guarantee of who or what that might have been.

Some people "channel" information from the other side, but here again there is a bit of a problem--does the information come from a deceased source or disembodied spirit, or is it information from one's own subconscious rising to the surface?

We are often warned about the dangers of contacting spirits from elsewhere, but often we  insist on trying the experiment for ourselves.  One sometimes contacts malevolent forces, who may respond with anything from disturbing messages to actual frightening events.  On the other hand, it is, I suppose, possible to obtain reliable information in this way and important material has been received in such a manner.

I think there are a few rules it would be wise to follow if you try such experiments into the unknown:

l. First, seek protection, whether this is something you ask for, a prayer you utter, or whatever.  Ask that your communication come only from the highest source, and that your own inner guides come in to protect you.

2. Check out how the communication "feels".  Does it make you feel good?  Does it make you feel uneasy?  If the latter, desist at once.

3. Notice the language the "spirit" uses.  Is it respectful, or is it mocking or intimidating. If either of the latter, don't continue.  Some spirits appear to be "tricksters" (similar to poltergeists) who want to make fun of the human.  And, of course, some apparently wish to do harm in even more threatening ways.

4.  Keep in mind that you are entering unfamiliar territory, where you could call up any and every kind of being, from the friendly to the dangerous.  You would not put a sign on your open door saying "come in" to everyone passing by.  By the same token, be careful whom you invite into your psyche.  You could be admitting just anyone, from any culture or time period, savages not saints (who have better things to do).  Your contact could be some criminal who committed horrendous deeds in the past and who still pursues wickedness for its own sake.

Personally, I feel the best policy is to avoid such areas entirely.  Seek only the highest connections, through prayer or experience such as kundalini energies moving in appropriate ways.  Check out all "channelings" to see if you learn anything from them that you don't already know.


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