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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day in the Park 

The above are pictures from my recent walk in the park along the creek.  they include ducks, meditator, yet another kind of meditator (relaxing in hammock), and a rock formation that resembles a stone canoe (if there were such a thing).  After many very hot days, we finally had a day when the temperature was mild enough to go for a long walk, and for this I was very grateful.  Today we had a real cold snap--with temperatures in the fifties, so I am wearing my winter gear--sweat pants and sweat shirt--in order to stay warm.  And last night we actually had some measurable rain.  It was beginning to feel like Eliot's wasteland around here, with little or no rain for many weeks.

Your Kundalini craves contact with nature, where many lovely surprises await you, often when you least expect them.  Even a short visit in the outdoors can reward you with amazing balance and a sense of inner serenity.

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