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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gods, Aliens, and Kundalini Mysteries 

Recently I posted a reflection as to whether the gods of Western myth and symbol were in fact aliens come to earth and operating among human kind.  This is not an original idea, and not necessarily one I believe, but I do think it is fun to play around with such theories from time to time.

My earlier post focused mainly on the gods of ancient Greece, the site generally recognized as one of the primary "birthplaces" of Western Civilization.

Recently, for several nights, I watched much of the PBS presentation of Richard Wagner's epic opera called "The Ring Cycle."  The narrative of this opera is derived from the ancient Norse sagas which have to do with the theft of a magic gold ring which will give the  possessor control over the entire world.  In these early narratives, the gods and goddesses play a very prominent role, as they do in Wagner's opera.  What interests me is the "magical" capacities these gods display and how these relate to certain abilities ascribed to aliens, even today.

These talents include:
The ability to take on the physical body and features of others, human and animal (shape shifting?)
The ability to become invisible.
Ability to move instantaneously from one place to another
Capacity to know what another is thinking
Ability to communicate telepathically with others

All of these various capacities are seen by humankind as forms of magic--gifts well outside the normal human range of activity.  (And such beings as shamans, wizards and others possess these talents as well).

Does the seeming correspondence between what these gods (as well as shamans, wizards, and such) can do and the supernormal talents ascribed to aliens prove that they--gods an aliens-- are one and the same?  I think not.  The idea that beings might possess such gifts more likely should be ascribed to human imagination, which seems infinite in its various manifestations.  But nonetheless, such notions do give us interesting materials for speculation.

At the same time, it is also true that Kundalini can bestow on us gifts well beyond our usual range of abilities.  Even the ability to "stroke the aura" from some distance away and feel the result as light blissful energy always strikes me as a form of magic, a talent most people know nothing of.  And certainly the extreme bliss bestowed by Kundalini in its full blown manifestation seems like something "out of this world."

So this line of thought leads to yet more questions.  If Kundalini is a natural capacity possessed by all, why do some bring it into consciousness and others not?  Why do we possess it (Kundalini energy) at all (even as a potential) if it is not destined to announce itself and become integrated into our systems?  Did aliens meddle with our DNA so that some of us were left more talented in terms of aptitude for Kundalini manifestation than others?  Why does Kundalini so often express itself during deep spiritual practice, when the practitioner feels a special closeness to the divine energies of the universe?

As always, we have more questions than answers.  Kundalini is indeed "the mystery of mysteries" as are such questions as who are we?  where do we come from?  why do we exist?

Yet when we are in the full flow of Kundalini rapture, none of these queries matter--we care only for the moment of bliss, the state of ultimate union with the Mystery itself.

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