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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jung, the Unconscious, and Kundalini 

One of the fundamental premises of Jungian therapy is that psychological/emotional problems often have as their root cause the repression of unwelcome materials into the subconscious mind (I have never been quite clear on the distinction between the unconscious and the subconscious).   Healing can occur once these materials awaken into consciousness.  Jung stresses the use of dreams, symbols, myth and such to achieve such awakening--and what arises may be in the form of repressed memories, feelings, or sensations--all of which need to be acknowledged and integrated to achieve psychological wholeness.

I believe that the "ultimate" subconscious realm is that revealed by Kundalini itself.  The awakening of this powerful force can catapult one into primordial bliss, where neither language nor image nor interpretation is needed.  One simply becomes "it", for "it" is who you are.  Probably this is the state in which one existed in the womb--perhaps it is the great sea of bliss in which the atoms float before they manifest as form.

Those of us who contact this state through such means as Kundalini are, I think, extremely fortunate.  During most of our mortal existence we repress such experience, for we are focused primarily on "outward" achievements--these are needed for us to engage in our "ego building" state which is essential to our human development.  We cannot simply float in the "sea of bliss" all the time if we are to become fully human.  Yet at some point, we let go, and let our attention turn inward rather than outward, and our true individuation begins.

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