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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Penelope has arrived and a curious experience 

Today is a red letter day for me.  The "author's copy" of 'Penelope's Web" arrived today. Copies for purchase on Amazon should be ready in a few weeks (I'll let you know.)  It is, of course, possible to order earlier from XLibris, the publisher: Orders@XLibris.com

I had a curious experience last night.  I turned off my lights in my living room and was making my way in the dark to my bedroom, feeling along the walls as I went, and hoping I would not stumble and fall.  At that point I saw an indistinct image on my "inner eye" and I realized it was an eye--the eye then became the eye of Horus, and I knew that this sacred spirit was guiding me safely through the dark.

(image found at google, the Eye of Horus, alibaba.com)

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