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Monday, September 10, 2012

"The Street Siren" (inspired by Kim Addonizio's poem) from Friday 

The Street Siren

Dressed in her “tough kid” outfit”
her fingerless wrist gloves
and tattoos,
her ancient jeans
and holding a half empty
bottle of beer,
she peers forth
from her innocent,
baby wide eyes,
as if she hadn’t beenthere
donethat maybe wantsto
go for it again,
standing up against
the brick wall
of a vacant lot,
amidst the grit
and garbage,
or the leaning boards
of an abandoned
beach shack
her mouth already open
to take in
whatever is offered,
whatever comes by,
her abundant hair in tumult
already writhing in delight,
snakes of Medusa,
voice of Janis
or Cybele.

Dorothy Walters
September 6, 2012

(Note:  Cybele was one of the fertility goddesses of ancient Greece.  Her rites were often quite riotous, even orgiastic.  Some of her statues were, like those of Diana of Ephesus, covered with breasts, perhaps derived from the shapes of fruits and other growing things, not unlike those in the picture above.  Try as they might, the more conservative authorities could never completely wipe out these rituals, which appealed to the most primal instincts of the celebrants.
Sounds like Kundalini in its most unrepressed expression, I think.)

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