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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Habiba Kabir--A Perfect Humanity 

The following piece comes from a friend of mine, a devout Sufi who as a calipha (female caliph) heads one of the local Sufi orders.

Bismi-Llah r’Rahman r’Rahim – We begin in the name of the Beloved, Who is Mercy and Compassion

By Habiba Kabir

Beloved Servants on the Path of Love:

Years ago, when I was living in Missouri, my beloved Shaykh Nur sent a handwritten copy of ‘Perfect Humanity: the New Burning Bush’ to me and I felt very upset by it.  I wasn’t clear why I felt this and so gave it to my son, Ashki, to read. He read it and said, “It isn’t that it is wrong.  It is just not time for it yet.”  I let my confusion go recognizing that this was the shock of the Lore of Certainty, hearing about something you have never seen.  Time passed and as Mahmud (Habiba's husband) and I reread this gem, it all felt closer, like now we could catch a glimpse of it, perhaps with the Eye of Certainty, actually beginning to have something in sight.  Now it is time for the Perfect Humanity to come forth.  We are being consumed by the Truth of Certainty, actually entering the thing and being consumed by it . The Perfect Humanity is coming in amazing ways.  (3 stages of Certainty from The Book of Certainty by Martin Lings –inspired by teaching from ibn Arabi)

Wish to share with you a vision that came a week ago which is coming clearer, day by day.  I was in the process of receiving a healing session when this vision occurred.  Suddenly realized that I was lying there in wordless wonder and feeling a blessed connection to creation.  From that place, I prayerfully asked what this body needs for healing.  Here is what came:

I saw each cell in my body as having lived in separation from every other cell, contracted and just trying to survive alone.  I heard, “Let each dear one be honored.  Stop holding them apart!”  As any sense of personal control was released, from the heart of each cell Light arose, radiating and being received and given by every other cell in my body.  Each cell rose up to take its place in union with the whole body.  No longer was there separation, but beautiful ones who have their place and work within the whole of this organism.  Such gratitude arose within my heart for the privilege of being held/enfolded in this body.  I saw that each cell is not just given by the Beloved, created by the Beloved, but truly is the Face of the Beloved.

From this place there could be no more “I” in control, trying to, however graciously, push the cells and organs, muscle and tissue of my body to conform to any good idea of what this body “should” be.  There was only an “eye” looking and deeply listening to the voices of my internal form, hearing the wisdom of each cell and realizing that each organ knows best what is needed by that part of the body.

There was only this “eye” looking and deeply listening with great compassion for the brokenness within caused by a belief in separation.   It was recognized that the inner work to be done now is to hold the space for the healing necessary to bring each cell into its’ full expression of Love, Light and Wholeness/Holiness.   It is time to listen to the stories, to bring every part of the being out of the ‘shadow’ and into the Light.

I am asking these questions now on the inner planes:  How to keep from falling back into the old patterns?  How to support the beauty of each individual part? How to listen deeply enough to hear what is needed in each moment?  How to lean into or track the future unfolding of this one that I am, to allow the embodied expression of the purpose that I was sent here to fulfill? I am asking myself what supports this connection, this inner unity, this healing?  What Lights me up?

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning as Kabir and I were reading aloud to each other for the ‘hundredth’ time, ‘Perfect Humanity, the New Burning Bush’ and came across this quote from our beloved Shaykh Nur, “With the joyous ease of Paradise, this universal Islam abides in the very cells of the human body, transforming secretly with its pure affirmation and expansion the molecular structure of everything that exists, rejecting and freeing itself from everything negative, mean or base.  This is the age of radical renewal, not mere amending but total transformation. “ From Atom from the Sun of Knowledge, p 355

I am required now to release myself from all belief systems that encourage separation and judge differences.  That way of walking supports the old paradigm.  I am required now to align myself fully with the guidance that is streaming forth in this moment and then in the next and the next.  I am required to support, in those within me and around me, the blossoming of the Beauty of their being.  I have to remember that there is help available now, that the veils are thin, that the Evliya are accessible, the ancestors are ready to help, the future beings are urging us forward, the angelic realm is reaching out, nature and her realms are offering support.  I only have to call and to reach out for it.  I am immersed in gratitude to the Creator for the awesome nature of Creation.

And I am seeing that this inner truth of the new Paradigm is true on all levels, that bodies exist that are bigger, like the body of humanity, like gender bodies, like the body of each race, each religion, and like this Sufi Order.  And smaller, like organs and body systems, like the structure of atoms.  And I am seeing that the Truth is the same on all levels.  Our species is moving into the New Humanity, remembering our unity with all that is.  It does not matter what name we call it by, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, Atman, niranjana, Insan Kamil, or any other name.   It is all the same.  Listen deeply; hold the space for healing, no separation, no judgment.  Hold it all in the unlimited Heart of the Beloved, or whatever name you use for the Sacred One. Open hearted union.  La Ilaha illallah!  There is only the Beloved, total mercy and compassion to all without exception.

(Note:  the picture illustrates what we woke to this morning--first real snow of the season.)

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