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Thursday, November 29, 2012

About December 21 

About December 21, 2012

Jose Arguelles first brought the attention of the world to this key date of the Mayan calendar—some 20 or even 30 years ago.  Since then, many writers and interpreters have turned their attention to the subject.  We have waited a very long time for this “target” date to occur—at last we will know—is the seeming prophecy authentic or just a mere happenstance—maybe even an honest misinterpretation?

Mayan calendars aside, this is a most important date in astrology (and astronomy) for on this date the sun, earth, and the center of our galaxy will fall into an alignment that only occurs every 26,000 years or so.  The results are not predictable.  Some think there will be world cataclysms, or perhaps great emissions of energy from explosions on the sun (which will upset the earth’s own magnetic field) or yet other major upsets in the natural order.

One often repeated prediction is that humanity (or some portions of it) will leap to another (higher) frequency and perhaps even “ascend” into another dimension.  Frankly, I think there is something to this theory—I perceived many years ago that worldwide transformation was taking place, that the inhabitants of this planet were in fact rising into a new phase of higher, more subtle vibrations, and that this phenomenon was part of the larger process of the evolution of the human species.

So—in many regards, such predictions are not new, but rather seem to convey greater urgency as we approach the key date of December 21, 2012.

Recently, I had a simple operation (cataract removal).  When the anesthetic was administered, I “went out like a light” and did not come back into normal consciousness until the operation was over—some 7 or 8 minutes later.  I had no awareness of the procedures being addressed to my physical body.   In fact, when I woke up, I thought the operation was just about to begin.

Where was I during this “sleep period”?   I was alive, clearly, but where was my awareness?  Did I endure a kind of “death state” in which the body continued to function but the mind was “frozen” into incapacity?

Is this the “sleep state” we enter at death?  Is it the “unconscious consciousness” we will experience if we are indeed wafted up into another sphere, a higher realm of being?  Will this process be part of the “divinization of matter” many writers have referred to (see especially Teihard du Chardin)?

Because of my personal life history, I tend to believe that virtually anything is possible.  I have often said that (referring to my own unexpected awakening), “If this is possible, anything is possible.”

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