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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Black Mother--poem by Fran Carbonaro 

Black Mother

Yes, I see you are afraid.
Breathe slow and deep.
Breathe, beautiful one, my child.

I am your mother
Your first and final mother.
Your black mother.
I come between this breath and the next,
a momentous exchange:
I give you my courage...you give me your fear.

I come, not to take you
But to wake you to your own waxing
void, where all creation begins.

I come to hold your face in my hands.
I come to hold your heart in my heart.
I come to hold your fears in my breath.
I come to hold your pain in my teeth.
I come to hold your dreams in my womb.
I come to show you that inside your fear
lies the passage to freedom.

Open your eyes.
See me.   See me.
Look deep into me.
Leap into the current of your journey.
Into the whirling black holes:
Into your not knowing.

Breathe slow and deep.
Dissolve into me, into you, into all that is.
I love you beyond life, beyond death.

- Fran Carbonaro

(Picture by Natey Freedman)

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