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Monday, November 26, 2012

Patricia's poem about "Penelope's Loom" 

Dear friend Patricia wrote the following poem about "Penelope's Loom" (latest book of poems) and posted it on Amazon.  Many thanks, Patricia.  One of the tests of true friendship is the gift of putting a review post up on the Amazon site, so this one is deeply appreciated.

By Patricia Lay Dorsey (Detroit, MI, USA)

I devour it whole
No longer nibbling at the edges
As with earlier books that I had
Savored for their delicate flavor
And unearthly taste

This time I am greedy
For your words, your wisdom
Your robust energy
As I sit in our grandmother's
Rocking chair with
November sun filtering
Through dirty windows and read
From end to beginning
From back to front

You take me places you have
Never taken me before
Inner and outer realms
Secular and sacred
Scarred and whole
Personal and universal
Silly and profound

I feel your tears on my cheeks
Hear your irrepressible laughter
See the twinkle in your eye
Pry open secret doors with
Keys long lost, now found
Experience howls of pain
And ecstasy unimagined
Till now

You have written many books
So why does this one
Speak to me so strongly

Perhaps because it shows
All sides of your multilayered
Being: spirit, flesh and mind
Lover, poet, professor

Here you are fully your Self
Strands of past and present
Woven into a textured tapestry
By hands that shed, pick, batten
And take up both warp and weft
On Penelope's Loom

Patricia Lay-Dorsey
November 17, 2012

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