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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Summons--poem by Kalidas 

The Summons

by Kalidas (Lawrence Edwards, Ph. D. )

The Summons awoke me
          from this slumber, this dream.

Hearing the Call,
          receiving Its power,
                   the way revealed itself.

Coming at last to the great mansion
          the Call urged me through
                   the gates of unworthiness
                             into the home of my Lord.

His Call brought me,
          I stood in the shadows
                   outside the magnificent hall
                             where He sat at the head of the table.

A limitless feast was spread
for countless guests yet to arrive.
I peeked in and saw the Lord
at the far end of the great hall.

He shown resplendent, self-luminous,
          clothed only in Light,
                   naked Divinity
                             beckoning me forward.

I felt ashamed
          wearing such heavy attire,
and noticed in the foyer where I stood
          the clothes shed by many who had come before me.

Entering naked
          I approached the Divine
                   seeing tears streaming down his face
                             while his eyes sparkled with delight.

His Beloved Devi appeared,
          so terribly beautiful to behold
                   that the breath left my body
                             to merge with Her.

“What is it my dear?” She asked.

“I’ve invited them all,
          every single one,
                   to come home and feast with us forevermore.
                             But so few have yet to arrive.”

“Be patient my dear,
          I’m bringing all our sons and daughters
                   home to our embrace.
Now come, Love’s play awaits!”

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