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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The World Grid 

I am an avid follower of the T. V. series called "Ancient Aliens," (H2), particularly of those segments describing the various ancient monuments (Stone Henge is but one example) that simply could not have been constructed by humans equipped with only the most rudimentary tools.  One theory of the "alien researchers" group is that not only were such early societies aided by alien beings, but that the latter literally directed that such sacred monuments (temples, holy wells, standing stones and the like) be erected along the "earth grid," thus creating a vast encircling energy system holding the planet in its grasp.

The "earth grid"  (a theory, not a proved fact) refers to a series of electromagnetic lines, each encircling the globe from a different starting point.  The result is a geometric configuration of charged "ley lines," with various sacred monuments appearing at various intervals along the way.

Now, here is my theory.  The "ancient alien researchers" claim that aliens must themselves have directed the placement of these monuments along these lines, since otherwise the early peoples would not have known where to construct their sacred sites. I think it was the other way around.  I think that the ancient peoples had certain capacities that have now pretty much ossified for most of us.  I think that just as they "smelled better" (with more acuteness) and "saw better" (for survival), they "felt better" (sensed the vibrations of sacred spots.)  I think this because I too have (like many others) sensed something special at certain sacred places--think Tara, Glendalough, sacred wells and such in Ireland.  The specific signature of such locations is a sense of bliss waves coming up from the ground--at times when one is not even aware that one is near such sacred places.  I suspect that the entire tribe or group could be drawn to such locations because of this "inner knowing" through vibration (kundalini force).  And--once the many sacred monuments or locations were built or recognized, then it became evident that they were located on the earth grid.

At times we get glimpses or tastes of this (mostly) lost talent.  It is delightful feeling and gives us a sense of connection with our ancestors.

I often reflect on how our society will "be" should our advanced technological culture be wiped out. One reward might be a renewed capacity to sense earth energy in special places, through the bliss waves coming up through the soles of our feet and radiating through our bodies.

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