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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Kundalini Fades Away 

Often, during the course of K. awakening, there will be "dry times", when nothing in particular seems to be happening.  We will then wonder to ourselves, "Have I done something wrong?  Was I tested and found unworthy to compete this process?   What can I do to return to my former state of joy and bliss?"

Evelyn Underhill, in her magnificent book called "Mysticism," describes these periods as the true "dark night" of the soul.  She says that for the mystic who has tasted God's presence, the loss is extreme, even more painful than the earlier dark period that may have preceded the initial awakening.

For many of us, it is as if we are now deprived of what has been a close companion--as if we had lost the key to a process which we welcomed as an exciting transformation of our inner being.  We miss our forward progress, even when it may have been painful at times.

Generally, such experiences are simply "episodes" and not permanent conditions.  Perhaps these are necessary "quiet times" permitting integration of our total experience.  Or, possibly, after a very long time, the process itself has in effect reached completion, or at least entered a new phase, when we can contemplate the trajectory of our extended journey, and enjoy "coming into safe harbor."

Now we can enjoy our state of inner tranquility and accept that silence and stillness also have much to offer.  Perhaps our new condition is not one of loss but arrival.

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