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Sunday, November 04, 2012

World Meditation Today 

I just received this message from a friend and am reprinting it here, since it pertains to a world meditation happening today and extending for several hours thereafter:

.... just happened to check out this latest Hathor message, via Tom Kenyan, about a "world meditation" happening today, 4-5pm -- in Seattle but also and most importantly on the inner planes, in support of whirled peas and interconnectedness:


In case you are not familiar with Tom Kenyon's work, you should know that he is famous on many fronts, in particular for "channeling" the messages of the Hathors, a group of non-physical beings who speak from the higher dimensions.  Tom himself is a gifted musician who uses sound and vibration to enter into higher states of consciousness and to enable others to do the same.

I once had a brief workshop with Tom, and at the end of it was in such an altered state I was not sure I could walk home by myself (I did!)

In the website listed above, you will discover that although the meditation officially begins this afternoon, you can actually tune in on it and participate for many hours after the official start.  Tom asks that you download the sound tracks ahead of time, in order not to cause his computer to crash from too many listeners.  I have listened briefly to these downloads and discovered that each is simply a single note or chord played for a certain number of minutes.  I will try to get back to them later when the meditation officially begins.

Basically, Tom's work and the messages from the Hathors are intended to raise the vibrational level of humanity and the globe through light and sound.  I firmly believe that such is also the purpose of world wide awakening to Kundalini, which is itself a primary vehical for raising vibrations both within the self and throughout the world.

If you visit Tom's home site, you will discover a link to a youtube preview of an upcoming documentary film. This brief (10 minute) preview offers an interesting account of how Tom become the shaman/soundhealer he now is.

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