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Monday, December 03, 2012

Angels Among Us 

Today I had an experience that convinced me that indeed angels move among us.

I had just finished my grocery shopping and was about to walk home wheeling my "duffle bag on wheels" when I realized I had in fact overloaded my carrier and that it was far too heavy for me to pull the few blocks to my apartment.  Already my back was starting to ache.  I had just thought, "What I need is so and so to be here with her car to help me," when a woman appeared "out of nowhere" and asked if I would like a ride home.

Often in circumstances like that I automatically thank the would be helper and refuse, for I am rather independent.  But this time I gladly accepted the offer from "my angel," a caring, nurturant mother figure about 60 years old.  Sometimes it is more difficult to receive than to give, but I was desperate.  She took me right to my door, and helped me carry my groceries to the entrance.

The Visitant
For what is an angel,
after all?
Is it oneself,
cast into its
larger dimensions,
swelling with joy
and attentiveness?
Or is it truly
presence from
some other nameless realm,
region of
that place where
Mystery dwells?
And if it should come before us,
massive, bright,
how might we greet it,
bear its gaze,
its knowingness
of who we are,
each particle of secret longing,
each hidden scar?

(from "The Ley Lines of the Soul, Poems of Ecstasy and Ascension")
(picture from internet source)

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