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Friday, December 07, 2012

How to Live to be Ninety 

How to Live to be Ninety and Look Twenty Years Younger

Recently I attended a meeting which included many people interested in cutting edge science.  One of the members in the audience, an interesting man who was obviously of Indian (India) origin, made some intriguing comments about the ancient texts written by sages of many centuries past--these spoke to many of the issues of modern physics.

I went over to thank him after the presentation, and was surprised when he told me he was ninety-one years old.   I was surprised because he looked some twenty years younger. I asked him how he managed to look so young, and he answered as follows:

No smoking
No alcohol
No drugs
No meat
Hatha yoga every day

Whatever his recipe for life, it certainly was working.  I also wondered what kind of genes he had inherited--was his long life due entirely to his regimen or was it in part the legacy of his parents?

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