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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ascension: Unexpected Bliss, Unwelcome Pain 


I want to write about this morning’s practice, because it was different in most ways from any other I have experienced.  And, to be honest, to write on this blog of personal sessions is a way for me to keep track of what is happening within as my body attunes to ever higher frequencies.

Usually, I do my “aroma therapy” practice in my dressing room, before I get dressed and go into my living room to look at my computer to check correspondence, etc.  For some reason, this morning I happened to sit at my computer before doing my usual routine, but a surprise was in store.

The surprise was that my body was already feeling the delightful energies of subtle bliss, and as I sat there, moving only slightly, and still in my pajamas, I could feel the sweet currents coursing through my system, now here, now there.  My palms were pressed together, as if in prayer, and indeed, as I felt the wondrous flow of energy move with my hands—each bodily part responding in turn—I offered a healing prayer to those I know who are in agony (and there are many—these are difficult times).

I did not follow a prescribed path, but—as always—allowed intuition to direct the movement.  At one point, I lifted my arms higher and higher over my head, and always continued to feel the amazing and indeed wondrous streams of soft energy fill my body with delight.  The flow is sensuous, not sexual.  The hands never touch the flesh, yet the effect might be compared to subtle love play over the entire body, or perhaps a gentle rain falling on the leaves of a tree.

I realized that I was doing the initial stage of the Tandava dance, which begins in a seated position.

With the aroma therapy exercise, most of the feeling is in the face and torso—little in hands and arms.  But the reverse was true this morning, and I wished I were an energy healer to share these lovely energies with an actual person in need.

I could have stayed in this experience all day, but realized I needed to add some actual standing movement to complete the exercise.  So I spent time standing and stretching and doing simple moves from chi gong.

I finally—and reluctantly—quit and got dressed to meet the demands of the morning.  However, after some 20 or 30 minutes, I realized I was feeling pain where there had been pleasure, as if my old problem of a hiatal (esophagus) hernia had been activated once more.  I felt light headed, not truly faint but suggesting an oncoming attack of some sort.  I wondered if, once again, every pleasure must be paid for with a corresponding pain, every joy with a twinge of agony.

After I took some medication for stomach ache, the pain ultimately subsided and I felt whole again.

I wondered if these twin episodes of pleasure and pain are related to our body’s efforts to integrate new and higher vibrations as we continue the ascension process.  Certainly they are related to the overall Kundalini process, which seems to continue with its “ups and downs” forever.   There is no final end, only more intense states of both, as we progress into higher states of consciousness and integrate our system’s familiar vibrations with the new and higher energies of ascension.
January 14, 2013

(The picture above hangs in my living room.  It is, I believe, from a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and is entitled "Beatrice in Rapture.)

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