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Sunday, January 27, 2013

poem by Irina Kuzminsky and special Kali event 

In Kali’s Temple

A priest’s thumb

Cuts itself a path

Through outstretched arms

To dab Her sacred mark

Red teardrop

Kumkum paste

Huge centred to my Eye

She marked me as Her own

Amidst the incense fires

The darkness

And the beating heart of drums

Later that night

I stared back at my face

Turned unfamiliar and

Otherworldly strange

And would have chosen not to wash

This mark forever from my face.


I was marked

Upon my heart

With an indelible

Vermilion paste

A mark which neither time nor space

Nor my own doubts

Henceforward could erase.

© Irina Kuzminsky

(Note: Irina Kuzminsky is a dancer/poet who lives in Australia.  She is also (clearly) a devotee of Kali.  This poem describes a very profound initiation experience.)

Here is an upcoming event in Colorado:

a special event
in Boulder, CO

The Yogas of Adya Kali

Friday, February 1, 2013
5:30pm onwards

The Yogas of Adya Kali

Boulder, CO

   Friday, February 1, 2013
at the Integral Center
2805 Broadway
corner of Balsam and Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304


A special gathering as a result of a special request from a wandering yogini
 In this evening gathering, we will immerse ourselves in the embodied practices of the Shakta Tantric Goddess Adya Kali. We ask who is Adya Kali? The term adya means primordial, primal, first, and original. Adya Kali is the primordial energy, shakti, ultimate reality, who creates, preserves, and transforms/dissolves all existence.

. . . as a Mother power she unfolds herself into the world and again withdraws the world into herself.

Along with learning more about the practices of Adya Kali and the Kali Kula, you will learn a small yet powerful practice that we do at the end of community Kali Puja and Kirtan. This practice, known as The Protective Mantra of Kali (kaalii kavacam) will bring the tender blessings and fierce protection of the Dark Mother directly into your body.

These teachings are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.

$40 suggested sliding scale donation
(includes space rental, material fees,
and offerings for Aditi Devi Ma)

Children are most welcome as our guests.

Please bring your journal, a snack to share, and an offering for the shrine, if you please.

There is plenty of free parking on the side and back of the building.

Aditi Devi began the study and practice of South Asia Tantric traditions more than 23 years ago. As an initiated yogini, pujarini (ritualist, priestess), lineage holder, and authorized teacher, she has lived and practiced her sadhana with adepts in Nepal, India, and Tibet. Aditi Devi Ma's practice, teaching, research and writing focus on the embodiment of the divine feminine in the Shakta Tantric traditions of India and Nepal. She earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Asian Studies, and was a Fulbright Scholar and college professor.

Aditi Devi is authorized to teach what are called the
Kali Practices focusing on the reverence of women as embodiments of the divine and awakening in the body, in deep relationality. These practices have their fullest expression in Assam, at the Temple of the Tantric Goddess Kamakhya, a yoni
Goddess who is revered throughout South Asia (and indeed the world); this is one of Aditi's spiritual homes and practice seats.

After several years of living in a remote contemplative community, Aditi has taken to the wandering life again, bringing her offerings to yoga retreats, teacher training courses, festivals, godowns, and wherever yoginis and yogins gather. She recently returned from pilgrimage in India where she followed the trail of fierce desire, visiting several remote Yogini Temples.

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