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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kundalini and the Elder 

As my own Kundalini process has unfolded over more than 30 years, I have observed with interest the changes -- in quality, intensity, frequency--of the various responses in my body to these once unfamiliar energies. After many years since the original awakening experience, my difficult or painful episodes have occurred much less often and the pleasant (bliss or rapture) experiences have continued though, as I have said before, with less "volume."  The frequencies have seemed to rise, my nervous system to respond with greater ease and less effort, as if it too were moving into a higher vibration.

And, as I have described before, the raptures have continued, even though I am now in my mid eighties.  I think this continuing phenomenon might give encouragement to those who wonder what happens with the energies as one grows older and older and perhaps less attuned to sensuous reactions.  The answer is--fortunately--the vibrations continue to bring pleasure, even as one reaches an impressive number of years.  I often think of the woman who wrote that she was having pleasurable bodily sensations even as she reached ninety--she wondered if this reaction could be Kundalini.

As I have described before, my sensations now seem to come from circling my hands (with or without aroma) around my body, never touching, holding them a few inches away.  I could not have done this at the beginning.  Nor could I have moved the bliss energies with micromovements or perhaps just by moving my eyes back and forth.

So--take heart, all who are arriving at the later stages of life.  Apparently Kundalini does not care about what you look like, how limber you are, how old you are in terms of the number of candles on your (now crowded ) birthday cake.  The Beloved Within remains your close companion as always and you know that you love and are loved just as before.

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