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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poem by Irina Kuzminsky 

This morning I was thinking of the many paths people choose to enter into divine union--I have recently met some devoted to Hildegard, others immersed in Sufism, still others committed to Kali, and another who found her path through Tibetan Buddhism.  I realized again that there is no one way--rather there are "many paths up the mountain, all converging at the top."  As for me, I still connect most fully with the Beloved Within, who has no name and no face.  We spend our time together each morning for half an hour or so before beginning the day.  Each encounter arrives as a mystery and a miracle.
As I was finishing my contemplation, this poem arrived from Irina Kuzminsky, who has found her divine connection in Kali, the Dark Goddess:

Names of G-d

Some call You the Unknowable
Some speak of You as Dark
While others dance in drunkenness
Seek You in grapes, in pressing and in Wine
Still others sense your mysteries in the Way
Or speak of Wisdom and unfathomable Space
The One from Whom all Buddhas know their birth
While prophets speak of the supreme I AM
And mystics probe into Your darkness
But sweetest to my heart
Most piercing is Your Name of Kali
Your Naked IS-ness scarcely covered by this Name
– Thus do I simply call You
            – Mother.

© Irina Kuzminsky

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