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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Living in Parallel Worlds--Janeshwar 

Whether we know it or not, most of us live in "parallel worlds" much of the time.  Sometimes the "other world" is hidden because it is a secret, a place we do not care to share with the world at large because, we feel, we would be misunderstood or judged or "run out of town."  Kundalini is  such a secret world for many.  Because relatively few today understand with any fullness of perception, what kundalini is, what it involves, and how it affects the person being awakened, we are often loathe to share our "secret" with those closest to us, for fear they will think we have "gone off the deep end," or even worse (committed some unthinkable sin?)

But there are other kinds of parallel worlds.  When something quite out of the ordinary happens to us--say a dramatic synchronicity or some event that we cannot explain in terms of ordinary time or space--it is as though we have somehow contacted another reality, one that intersects but yet is separate from our daily experience.

Something of this sort happened to me recently.  As I was doing my morning sadhana (practice), feeling the flow of sweet energies within, I "heard" a word within that was totally unfamiliar to me.  The word was "Janeswar."  I had no idea who this might be, but I somehow thought it might be the name of some ancient poet--but when I looked it up that was not the case--or not exactly.  There was such a person in ancient India, and he had translated the Gita into the vernacular so that it became accessible to the common folk.  His translation was in verse, so he was indeed a poet.  That same morning (or a day or so before) I had had a mental image (again during practice) of a young man, naked to the waist, wearing yoga pants.  Now Janeswar was himself very young when he produced his translation.  I do not know if the image I saw was his, but it did suggest someone from India or the far East.

Now there is more to this story.  Of course, I wondered if I had some kind of connection with Janeswar, but mainly I forgot about the incident.  Then this morning, as I was looking around on the internet, I came across a site for a small ashram located in my city. Listed among the founders of the ashram was "Sant Jnaneshwar" along with this description:
"Jnaneshwar is still believed to be alive, anchoring his light body as a crystal of enlightened energy radiating from Alandi (the ashram) to the entire world."

(Image of Jnaneshwar found on the Alandiashram site)

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