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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

poem by Larry Robinson and why I am against drones 

This is clearly a "political" entry, but in times as urgent as our own, I feel it is important to step forth and "speak truth to authority" by whatever means.  Although we pledge our allegiance to spiritual values and specifically to the cosmic powers of Kundalini and the immeasurable creative forces of the universe, there are times when we must pause and look at the actualities occurring in the "real" world of the society about us.

The following poem by Larry Robinson was written several years ago when there was a different president in office.  However, many of the issues named here still reside with  us, perhaps in a more distressing form.  I thought it appropriate to reprint his poem today, a date when our current president will give his own "State of the Union" address.
I personally approve of most of his agenda for the coming term, but cannot reconcile the high ideals he espouses with the continued use of drones by our military to target "suspected enemies" when too often innocent victims are also killed.   When did such wanton and reckless aggression accord with our vaunted "American" principles?  When will people awaken to the seriousness of such activity?  What possible gains could be expected from this deplorable technique?  Are we the land of the free and the home of the brave or the land of indiscriminate murderers and the home of the assassins?
I predict that there will be mass public outcry, once people grasp the seriousness of this policy.  I predict there will be marches in Washington and elsewhere, and a widespread loss of support for a leader we all had great hopes for but who seems to have forgotten or forsaken his dream of a better America for the aims of a clearly militaristic state.

So far our war in the Middle East has led to:

More Americans killed than died in the 911 attacks.
More military and ex-military dying by suicide than have been killed in combat.
Countless numbers of sufferers from PTS.
Infinitely more terrorists created by our actions than existed before 911 as these seek retribution and revenge for our intrusion into this part of the world. 

State Of The Union (2005)

Today the President speaks
of his plan to liberate us all.
The bodhisattvas have a similar plan,
but theirs will take a little  longer:
endless  lifetimes, in fact.

His, of course, is more urgent
due to the coming Rapture,
when all true believers will be lifted
out of their cars and clothes
and credit card debt.

I, too, pray for the Rapture.
After they’re gone we’ll untangle
the wrecked cars and the broken bodies.
We’ll wash their clothes and give them to the poor.
We’ll write off their debts and open their homes to the

Then we’ll get on with rebuilding
our bombed cities and shattered lives,
our schools, our libraries and our poisoned soil.
We’ll clean our rivers, plant rice and bake bread.
We’ll sing and make love and drink red wine.
We’ll raise our children and do the laundry
and argue about much smaller things.

As for me, I want to smell
the just open daphne and go for a walk with Cynthia.
I want to prune the apricot tree
and talk with my neighbor
about the unseasonably delicious foretaste of Spring
this second day of February, 2005.

- Larry Robinson  2/2/05

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