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Monday, February 11, 2013

Supraphysical Senses (Isabelle Morton) 

The following article is from the GEMFormulas Home Study Course.  The first part of the article describes various kinds of suprasubtle energies.  The last part explains that adding gems increases the intensity of the suprasubtle response.  Kundalini, of course, is also a means of increasing one's suprasubtle reactions.  Many people report detecting unusual odors, tastes, sounds and the like after experiencing Kundalini awakening.

We have five physical senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.  Every day we use these senses and they give us information about the physical nature of our world.

We also experience our world through our supraphysical aura, which also has sensory perception. In other words, we have the ability to perceive our world not only through the physical experience of these senses, but also through a higher, more refined level of them. Doing so gives us information about the energetic nature of that which we are sensing.

For example, through your supraphysical aura you can learn to experience subtle energies through touch. This is a skill we learn in gemstone therapy workshops. Applying gemstones in the aura helps us to learn this skill because the gems move upon on the flows of these energies and they also amplify them, so they're easier to feel.

Clairvoyance, or the ability to see the subtle energies, also tends to open up as we use gemstones.  Applying them lifts our vibrations so that we are more in tune with subtle energies, and so can perceive them more easily. When we learn to look at our world through our supraphysical eyes, we're able to see the subtle energies associated with all things, people, places, and even target areas.

Supraphysical hearing can be experienced by listening to the subtle sounds of life, which are expressed in all things and beings. Telepathy is another form of supra-physical hearing, but it includes the ability to communicate as well as listen.

Supraphysical smell and taste are rarer gifts.  They're the ability to experience the subtle energies via your olfactory nerves. The supraphysical scent of a thing, person, place, or even target area, is often unlike its actual physical scent. If you're able to perceive it, you can gain deeper insight into the object you are smelling.

Supraphysical taste is a sensation experienced in the mouth and tongue, and it also gives you special insight into the object you are tasting.  You don't have to put that object in your mouth to employ supra-physical taste. You pick up on the taste of a thing, person, place, or target area, and information about it comes into your awareness as it registers through your tongue.

GEMFormulas remedies offer a way to practice supraphysical smell and taste. Or, at least to find out if you have these gifts or would like to develop them.

Fill three or four small glasses half-way with purified water. Place a few pills of a different GEMFormula into each glass. Swirl the glasses. When the pills are nearly dissolved, sniff each one. Do they smell different to you?

Now take a sip of each one, one at a time.  See if you perceive a difference in the way each one tastes.

No difference?

Okay, now try each one again. Hold the sip in your mouth and this time, imagine its gemandala in your mouth.

When I did this experiment, I was unable to sense a difference in the physical smell or taste of the formula in each glass. However, I was able to sense the gemandala. Each one had a different type of feel or sensation.  It gave me the opportunity to get to know the gemandalas in a unique way. It internalized the gemandalas for me, in a way that I hadn't expected, or experienced before.

This week, find some time to try this experiment for yourself.  Have fun with it!

Best wishes on your journey to greater health!

Isabelle Morton

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