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Friday, March 15, 2013

Andrew Harvey--repeat--Saturday--free 

Here is a message from Stephan Dinan, of the Shift Network, announcing a rerun of Andrew Harvey's talk the other night.  I am grateful for the rerun, since I was unable to connect with the original presentation.

Dear Dorothy Walters,

I've been so heartened by the response to Wednesday's  Rediscovering the Christ Path event with Andrew Harvey!  If you missed it, we'll rebroadcast tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 am Pacific (details below).

It's clear to me that Andrew is bringing something very essential to our world: A complete re-invention of Christianity based on the unadulterated teachings and example of Jesus. Ultimately, this re-invention leads all of us to take seriously the possibility of becoming Christed, or Christ-like.  
When we dare to think of becoming Christed (which has long been taboo), it can feel so intimidating. We know how often our thoughts and behaviors are petty, grumpy, or unloving.
We may feel lazy. Confused. Afraid.
How could we possibly become Christed?
Andrew Harvey begins to illumine how - regardless of our particular religious faith or spiritual bent.

One of his perspectives that I found most valuable in this regard is his focus on the Divine Child, which is born of a sacred marriage between masculine and feminine within us.
The Divine Child is really connected to this Christ-like part of ourselves. Rather than hatching fully formed, it's much more like a baby in us--sweet, innocent, uncoordinated, and bit helpless.
That's why Jesus's birth is such a beautiful example. He was born in a manger. It was a humble birth. And it took a good 33 years before he was ready to step out as a teacher.
This gives us a bit more space and time to conceive of the Christ within us.
A sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine within requires that we love and bless the full spectrum on BOTH sides.
It's certainly no small task.  But marrying the two can create the energetic link-up in which the Divine Child can be born.
If you want to explore this sacred marriage more deeply, do join Andrew Harvey's 7-week virtual course on The Christ Path.  He'll spend a module each on the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Divine Child.
Reserve your spot here: The Christ Path: A 7-Week Journey to Awaken and Embody Christ Consciousness

And here are the call-in details again:
Rediscovering the Christ Path: How to Embody Sacred Love In Action
with renowned mystic Andrew Harvey
Encore Presentation << Join Us!
Saturday, March 16th
10 am US Pacific (click here to find your local time)

Dial 206-402-0100 or find your local number here, and enter the PIN 498523#
Or connect to the webcast at http://attendthisevent.com/?eventid=39254259

Wednesday night, we also announced a special limited-time bonus with Marianne Williamson and Andrew on "Embodying Christ Consciousness: Putting Sacred Love and Wisdom into Action."  Since we've added this encore presentation, we've extended the deadline on that to Saturday night. This will be a powerful conversation between #1 New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson and Andrew Harvey.

Reserve your spot here: The Christ Path: A 7-Week Journey to Awaken and Embody Christ Consciousness

  In spirit,
Stephen Dinan

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