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Monday, March 25, 2013

Andrew Harvey, upcoming workshop 

(Here is a letter I received from Andrew Harvey describing his coming workshop with Matt Fox):

Dear Dorothy,

I feel that, at 60, I'm at last ready to share the greatest passion of my life, which is my passion for Jesus - not for the churches erected in his name, but for the great revolutionary passion of love that entered human evolution through and in the figure of Jesus.

I think Jesus is the key to the evolutionary future of humanity because what Jesus shows us is that by connecting to the burning love of God and daring to enact it with great humility and dedication, we divinize life itself, and so take our whole human nature to a new level of divine empowerment.

In doing so, we transform society and the world and create a human race which is able to co-create with the divine a wholly new way of being and doing everything.

I also believe that the deepest meaning of our time is that we are experiencing both a very great death and a very great birth. That birth is of a force of love in action, the force of what I call "sacred activism."

I believe that this force is destined to birth a new embodied divine humanity and that this completes and fulfills the vision and the example of Jesus.

This perspective does not deny the great achievements of Hinduism and Buddhism and Taoism, but it focuses us on two essential things, the empowerment of human beings into their divine consciousness and the aim of that empowerment, which is not simply to float off into the light, but to focus the compassion and wisdom of the light on radical, sacred, inspired action in the world.

We are now reaching the point where the whole future of humanity and of nature is at stake. It is two minutes to midnight.

It is absolutely essential that all of us, whatever path we are on, take extremely seriously the cry of this man, Jesus, to become real sacred activists of love in action in the world with whatever resources we have.  Because on that depends the future of the world and of humanity.

And that is why I invite you to join my Christ Path course, which begins tomorrow.  It is my heart offering to you to inspire your journey through the alchemical flames of divine love.  It brings together a lifetime of hard-won learnings to empower you to embody the Christ path in a new way.

I welcome you joining the more than 500 of us who are gathering from around the world here: The Christ Path (google Christ Path Seminar to learn more)

  With love,

This is a picture of me with Andrew Harvey taken just  a few days ago when we had dinner together (he happened to be in town and we got together). I consider Andrew one of the most highly evolved spirits on the planet--his vision is compelling--that we as a species are in fact on the edge of extinction, but there are definitely ways in which universal transformation into divine realization can occur.    I consider the opportunity to spend time with such a wise soul is a rare opportunity.
Andrew throws himself completely into his work of service.  He now travels the globe, offering lectures and workshops on four continents, including Australia and Africa.  He speaks unabashedly of the possible divinization of matter (human evolution into higher levels of consciousness) and understands the role of Kundlalini in this process.
And--I might add--he is one of the few people who has a real understanding of my own journey, including the significance of my current practice of sensing the subtle body as a source of ecstatic love making with the Beloved Within.  I am grateful to have him in my life. For me, he is a treasure.

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