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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andrew's talk on The Christ Path 


For those who missed Andrew Harvey's presentation a few days ago, here is how you can listen to the recording of his talk.  For me, it was a brilliant summation of certain major themes and ideas, certainly not all new or unique to Andrew, but a gathering together of certain concepts essential to any meaningful transformation of ourselves and our society.  Among others, he discussed (for me) such major topics as the history of alchemical transformation, the role of the divine feminine, the sanctity of nature and all its creatures, the evolution of consciousness, and the divinization of matter (us).  He noted the role of certain early mystics such as Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, long among my favorites among the deep mystical visionaries.
I urge you to take advantage of this unusual opportunity to hear this profound thinker in action, and to note as well his stunning rhetoric.
As you can see, I am a  committed "fan" of Andrew, who, in my view, carries the conversation about "evolution of consciousness" to a level quite beyond that of certain other speakers and writers, who (it seems to me) too often stay at the surface level of what transformation means (such as running faster, getting a raise at work, learning how to relax, etc.)  Moreover, Andrew clearly sees and delineates the shadows threatening our time, but he also fully credits the light, and sees unlimited possibilities for the continuing growth and transfiguration of all.

Here is a reflection by Stephan Dinan of the Shift Network, which sponsored Andrew's talk.  It describes both Andrew's recent presentation and the ongoing course that Andrew along with Matt Fox are presenting beginning next week:

Dear Dorothy,

When I talk about the Shift of our world in private conversations, I often talk about the Christing of humanity. Teilhard de Chardin wrote about the Christification of our planet as the Omega Point of evolution and it's something that is at the core of Barbara Marx Hubbard's work as well.

For me, what that means is that we're bringing down a higher octave of divine consciousness into embodied form.  We're divinizing matter, making our daily lives holy, living as little God-lings, and co-creating heaven on earth.

But this is not about religion or beliefs, really, or veneration of Jesus as an exclusive guide. It's not just for Christians.  It's about a process that we undertake as incarnated beings in which we get sufficiently clear, open, receptive, and balanced that we can take a higher voltage of spiritual current running through our inner circuitry.

In the East, enlightenment is already seen in this way: it's a journey we can all go on. For me, Christing is similar but has a different quality to it than enlightenment; more of a divinizing of our lives and bodies than transcendence of all suffering.

I believe that this Christing process is the inheritance of all of humanity and that in the coming decades and centuries  we're going to increasingly figure out how to make it a journey that we can each successfully undertake - the democraticization of Christ consciousness.

Until the Christ Path work we've just started with Andrew Harvey, I didn't have as good of a context to talk about this in relationship to The Shift without feeling like we'd be alienating people who weren't Christian.  Because, as I said, it's not about a particular religious form, although Jesus is a beautiful guide to it.  It's a natural, evolutionary process.

With that said, walking the Christ Path does not mean that we're going to reach its end point overnight. After 23 years of working on myself in many ways, there are still plenty of refinements required. However, I've had enough tastes and glimpses of this way of being that I feel quite sure it's where we are headed.

The reason I see Andrew Harvey as such a master guide for this path is that he's not afraid to speak the total truth as he sees it - even when it is raw, upsetting or challenging.  He has a depth of mystical realization himself that is truly rare.  And he's incredibly articulate about dissolving our more saccharine view of the Christ Path and getting gritty, grounded, and engaged in worldly transformation.

It's not just about ourselves on the solo journey of seeking - it's about divinization of our world, which includes our relationships, our work, and even our businesses.  As we learn to create a just, peaceful, sustainable world, this naturally allows for us to express more of the Christ nature. It creates the space in which we can all blossom into this new level of human evolution.

If you resonate with what I'm sharing here, I encourage you to join Andrew in The Christ Path journey that begins next week.  He will open your mind, your heart, and your passions. He'll help you understand Jesus in a whole new way and give you guidance and practices that empower  your own divinization.

It's a journey I've gone on with him myself in the past, whics fantastic.

To live from the sacred heart is no small task and Andrew is masterful at helping us break through the barriers and illusions.

The course with him starts next week: The Christ Path

  In spirit,
Stephen Dinan

For more information, or to register, go to:

P.S.(from Dorothy)  The one note I would add to this discussion is the role of Kundalini in the evolution of consciousness.  Along with Gopi Krishna, I believe it is the primary engine of such transformation and that all will undergo such awakening at some point.

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