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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Living Room Bliss" (poem by Dorothy) 

Living Room Bliss

If there is a place
where those of us
who never learned to
name things will be sent,
then that is where
I want to go.

Instead of precision,
only vague allusion.
Instead of connecting
to azalea and hibiscus,
we will inhale the soft scent
of what some call frankincense
or pine,
and declare ourselves
If a cloud appears,
we will exclaim "Beautiful"
and not try to catalogue it
or say what type
it is.

We will forget about
and even the things

Lost in the sweet Sargossa
of the mind,
we will move gently
and feel something important
is taking place.

We will become merely
the soft currents within,
the thin rivers of connection
with something neither inside nor out,
something that has no name.

Dorothy Walters
March 15, 2013

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