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Friday, March 29, 2013

poem by Symeon the New Theologian 

The fire rises in me

By Symeon the New Theologian
(949 - 1032)

English version by Ivan M. Granger

The fire rises in me,
          and lights up my heart.
Like the sun!
Like the golden disk!
Opening, expanding, radiant --
          -- a flame!

I say again:
          I don't know
          what to say!

I'd fall silent
-- If only I could --
but this marvel
          makes my heart leap,
it leaves me open mouthed
          like a fool,

urging me
          to summon words
          from my silence.

Symeon the New Theologian is one of my all time favorite mystical poets.  When Ivan Granger posted this poem on the PoetryChaikhana today, I could not resist reprinting it here.
Is the fire he mentions Kundalini?  I rather think it is.  Like the mystical flame in his heart, Kundalini is extremely hard to put into words.
And just think--this poem was written about two thousand years ago.  Kundalini fire has a very long history, indeed.

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