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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Andrew Harvey on Rumi 


Of all the spiritual teachers among us today, I find Andrew Harvey the most compelling. I have just listened to a web talk he gave recently on Rumi, the great poet/prophet of Sufism.  This talk is riveting.  In it Andrew once again reminds us forcefully of the great crisis now facing us on all fronts, of Rumi's own majestic voice in showing us how to proceed during this dark night, and how the present challenge can in fact become a means for the transfiguration of humanity onto a new level of the embodied divine.

One of the comparisons that I especially liked was his equating Shams (the wild desert prophet who transformed Rumi's life) with the fierce side of the deity, while Rumi embodies the tender loving side of god.  Andrew points out that we need to incorporate both attributes into our nature if we are to survive the great struggle for survival in which we are now involved.

Andrew feels it is not an accident that awareness of Rumi is now emerging into universal consciousness at this time.  He feels that Rumi's presence among us is an important feature of the process of the "divinization of matter" through collective spiritual transformation.

Take time to listen to this talk!  It contains wisdom beyond what you will discover in many sources today.  We need such strong voices from those who understand at a deep level what it means to "become one with the beloved" and in addition commit to a life of actively working to preserve the race.

Somehow, Andrew's fervor and zeal always remind me of the character in Flannery O'Connor--the country evangelist rushing forward "to wake the sleeping city."  Andrew is such a one--a prophet committing his life and energy fully
trying to arouse the populace  out of our collective trance to face the danger now upon us.


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