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Friday, April 12, 2013

Gerda's Kundalini Awakening--Part One 

What follows is the first installment of Gerda Visconti Kuhl's Kundalini awakening experience.  As we know, Kundalini involves all of the life system--the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and the sexual.  It is (from one perspective) the culmination of all the separate experiences and even the separate moments of our previous life.  We should be grateful to Gerda for speaking so frankly about her experience.  She tells her story in a particularly effective way.


How I Raised It


I would like to believe that I had rather high consciousness when I got married at 22. When I was 39 years old, I raised kundalini. For the first four years of my marriage I had a husband who just had to look at me to get turned on. This left me completely tuned in to sexual life. I had so much sex it was coming out of my ears !

But I have to say a few years into the marriage, I decided to go on strike. I was exhausted from the constant sexual desires of my husband. Things normalized a little but by the last two years of my marriage I ended up with nothing in that department as by this time he was having other women. It was a difficult time, having been turned on to sex and sleeping next to a husband when there was absolutely nothing forthcoming !

As I had a business, most of my energy went into it and by the time I filed for divorce, I was so busy that I didn’t have time to even look for my own apartment. Eventually I found a way out by moving into a girlfriend’s flat.

By this time, I had had no sex for two and a half years, but despite being highly attuned sexually, I had no desire to do anything about it or go out and look for it.

While I was waiting for my divorce to come through, I gradually began to pick up a social life again.

I met a very interesting person who was congenial and dynamic and we became lovers. He was from the Far East and had made a study of tantra having sought out this information as a young man. I met him in this way. I was in a supermarket in the Edgeware Rd. and was reaching for something - a box of matches I remember - when a pair of hands reached for the same box. I moved on to the bread shelf, and again, as I reached for a loaf of bread, the same pair of hands met mine.

There was a tangible magnetic attraction going on. I had a good look at this man and we started talking. He was tall and attractive and he obviously had a quick mind. We went for a coffee and talked non-stop for two and a half hours. We met the next day and went to a film, then on to a Chinese restaurant, finally back to his house and fell into bed.

This turned out to be a marathon of tantric sex as I came nine times in endless orgasms while he was able to hold back. Not having had any sex for two years to now suddenly encounter this form of sex with an expert practitioner was like encountering a banquet in the desert.

And at the end of it, after six hours, I said, please, let’s stop, because I am going to die. But we repeated the performance a few days later. This happened on three occasions. I think he was trying to hook me as we were obviously simpatico and he said that he had never had such a complete sexual experience.

Because of circumstances, he was called back to the Far East and asked me to follow him, but with my business and being in the throes of my divorce I did not think I could and decided to leave this relationship, I was also reluctant to make another mistake.

Being a very sexy, turned-on lady and having been deprived of sex for two and half years, this affair really put me back on keel. But although alone, I did not have the desire to share my body with anyone. I was like a volcano ready to explode and constantly keeping the lid on.

I had became interested in spiritual matters and had surrounded myself with books about Indian philosophy and yoga. I had access to the library of the Tibet Society where I was going daily; a treasure trove of rare and out-of-print books. In some of these, the facts of kundalini were mentioned. I recall one book by the Dalai Lama and the title contained the phrase “the Middle Way.”

It was a Sunday, a beautiful June day. Perusing the words of the Dalai Lama and reading between the lines, I realized that the author was using veiled language which was referring to the raising of the kundalini energy. As I read, I was aware that within my own body, the constant sexy, horny feeling locked between coccyx and genitals where the desire for sex resides, was coming alive. A tingling, vibrant, pulse of energy was rising from the base of my spine into the sacral (or second) chakra. As it entered, I felt a hot flush and a spasm in the womb and realized that I had squirted out about an eggcup full of pure pink blood.*

* I have not seen this particular fact recorded when people describe these things.

The energy continued to rise further up into my solar plexus. This lasted a few minutes. Then I was interrupted by a phone call and stopped observing the goings-on in my body. I felt hungry and withdrew from the awareness of what was happening and decided to ignore it because it was overpowering and I tuned it out.

I surmised that the rising energies (or life force) in my system had been awakened through the early sex with my husband and the later marathon of orgasms with my tantric partner caused an endless sexual desire and pressure, and this started the energies to move up.

Although not having a regular sex life, the upward process continued and I could feel the energies surging again, now into my heart chakra. I became very sensitive and had to avoid negative people and situations. I was overwhelmed. almost incapacitated. when a negative situation arose, I needed to be in an absolutely peaceful state and I couldn’t handle arguments or stress. I was loving even towards people I didn’t like and would be tolerant and understanding of their shortcomings.

All worldly ambitions ceased to be of importance, I could no longer think in terms of an ambitious career because I no longer had the motivation. The idea of taking revenge was abhorrent. Any kind of negativity or bad words would impact my heart chakra like a heavy stone. I retired and withdrew from seeing people. By this time, of course, I had given up my business and could spend more time in pursuit of spiritual knowledge.

The radiant kundalini force lingered for a long while in the heart chakra and gently moved up to the throat chakra. I knew that I was in a vulnerable situation as the energies gradually began to move higher towards my neck. I could feel a pounding sensation in my throat which I only have had otherwise when I was in great fear.* But I ignored this as I realized that it was probably connected to the rising energy and didn’t want to give it too much thought.

*Much later when visiting Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools, I was overcome by sudden fear, my pounding throat reminded me somewhat of the energies rising years before. I refused to leave the jeep when the group I was with went on a walk-about. We later discovered there were a couple of lions lying lazily in the bushes near the jeep ! They may have had no intentions of making a meal of me but I believe if I had ignored my inner warnings and left that jeep, I would have been at a cross roads - and probably dead !    

I continued to go about my daily schedule as I was busy at that time and put urgent things like paying bills in the back of my mind. I also tried to tune out what was going on in my body. I hardly listened to my body and the energies subsided for a time.

With each stage, reaching up into each ensuing chakra, there was a corresponding development of consciousness. I seemed to be surveying life from a more elevated vantage point and had greater understanding and insight. This was a subtle process and my ESP increased greatly. My consciousness and intelligence were obviously being fed by the radiant force. I had opened a Pandora’s box.

This process, the rising of the kundalini energy from the sacral chakra through the solar plexus into my heart chakra and throat, took about three months, from June to September.  (to be continued)

(Photo from Gerda's website at: www.myfarmemory.com)

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