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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gerda's Story of Awakening--Part Three 

The following is the third and final (for this site) section of Gerda's story of awakening.  We should all be grateful to Gerda for her willingness to share such an intimate account, for it is by sharing that we each learn from one another about the workings of the great mystery known as Kundalini. 

According to the Indian texts, two nerve currents, the Ida (the left) and the Pingala (the right) entwine a hair-like duct, the Sushumna, which runs up the spinal cord. Through this central channel rises the life force energy, chakra by chakra, until it arrives at the pineal gland. At the moment of contact between pineal and medulla, there is a fusion, and like lightning, it soars and enters the cortex, every neuron sparking and reacting, thus activating 90% of the unused cortex. In Hindu esoteric writings this is called the opening of the thousand-petal lotus.

*In my case, if the pituitary was involved I was not aware of it - unless it was an automatic symbiotic fusion.

** Drunvalo says there are five currents rising through the spinal cord.

The following quotations are taken from Gopi Krishna’s, Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.

“Briefly stated, the moon and the sun as used here are meant to designate the two nerve currents flowing on the left and right sides of the spinal cord through the two nadis*, or nerves, named Ida and Pingala. The former, being cool, is said to resemble the pale luster of the moon; the latter, being hot, is likened to the radiance of the sun.”

*Nadis are channels for the flow of consciousness.

“They (the ancient spiritual practitioners) found that on acquiring a certain degree of proficiency in mind control and concentration, they could, in favorable cases, draw up through the hollow backbone, a vividly bright, fast moving powerful radiance, into the brain for short periods of time in the beginning, extending with practice, which had a most amazing effect of the mind, enabling it to soar to regions of surpassing glory, beyond, anything experienced, in the crude material world.”

“The real object of this system of (kundalini) yoga is to develop a type of consciousness which crosses over the boundaries confining the sense bound mind, carrying the embodied consciousness to supersensory regions.”

The following is taken from the Wikipedia entry about Gopi Krishna (1903 - 1984).

“Gopi Krishna is widely recognized as having done more to advance our understanding of Kundalini than anyone else in modern times. He has put this amazing aspect of our nature in a logical, consistent and scientific light, and presented us with a new understanding of the goal of evolution, both as individuals and as a species……Kundalini awakened in him quite forcefully in 1937 after 17 years of intense meditative practice. From that moment onwards, his consciousness was radically altered and over the next 12 years or so, it underwent an even more dramatic transformation to a perennial state. …the experience radically altered the path of his life. He came to believe that our brains were evolving and that an individual's profound mystical experience was a foretaste of what would eventually become an all-pervasive transformation in human consciousness.”

What the above doesn’t mention is that Gopi Krishna, in raising kundalini, opened the door to a maelstrom, driving him to the edge of insanity. Eventually he managed to bring the kundalini energy under control and assimilate it. He had aroused the Pingala without the counterbalancing of the Ida, the feminine principle. His intuition led him to perceive what was happening and by concentrating on and invoking the Ida, he was able to restore his equilibrium.

Because I was acquainted with the organs and could feel them being activated, I had an idea of what was happening inside my body over a period of years, culminating in one momentous day. Mine was a gradual process. It didn’t strike out of the blue and I had an inkling of what was going on before and while it was happening. I was lucky !

My endless sexual desire activated the energy. For four years there was extreme pressure between coccyx and genitals and I felt extremely horny but had no sex.

After my tantric experience, I believe that the kundalini energy started its rise, gradually, imperceptibly, subliminally, up my spine towards my heart chakra. This process is difficult to pin-point as I was living with it from day to day, on the borderline between enlightenment and losing consciousness, on the edge of another dimension of time and space. Though aware that something was happening in my body and consciousness, I was not aware of it being the kundalini.

In June, after reading the Dalai Lamas book, the energy was activated in a way that was dramatic and tangible. It rose from the sacral chakra into the solar plexus. I was aware of what was afoot. What the Dalai Lama was referring to, though veiled, was happening to me.

But on that June Sunday morning I was still not yet ready to give into to whatever was in store. I was neither ready nor ready to run with it. At that point I don’t think I could have coped. There was a fear of the unknown.  

My system was going through a preparation for the experience and from June to September I was walking on egg shells. My psyche was already undergoing a huge change in anticipation of what was to come, though I did not know what and I tried to explain it away. I was experiencing premonitions and synchronicities almost constantly. I tried to rationalize the changes as if my system was undergoing some kind of revision, like going for a vehicle check up !  I wasn’t normal but I wasn’t sure why and I was on the edge.

By the beginning of September, the energy, though still hardly perceptible, had reached my throat. The throat chakra is to do with will power. I was swinging between having a will and having no will and just letting things happen. I could have let it happen, but I chose not to.

When it did happen, involuntarily, in an instant, a stream of liquid lightening somehow fused the pineal with the medulla*. The moment the medulla ignited was like a massive amalgamation, almost a mini explosion, which sparked every neuron in the cortex. When the energy reached the medulla and released thousands of hormones, there was some kind of electric fusion activating every neuron in the cortex, which reacted in an extraordinary way to this invasion. There was an incredible sensation of expansion.

*The medulla sits on top of the brain stem and has the shape of an umbrella or mushroom.            .

I have no awareness of the pituitary being involved in the activation of the medulla but it is probably an automatic connection. I can’t pin this.


We are all familiar with the reproductive ways of humans, making love and seeking the bliss of sexual embrace. The sexual urge that mother nature intends for procreation is also the way to enlightenment and higher consciousness. The Kundalini energy, also known as the life force, is embedded in the coccyx of every human being; the esotericists call it the dormant serpent. Raised by friction during sexual embrace, it leads to the orgasm and serves procreation, inducing a sense of well being and relaxation in the human body. It does not lead to higher consciousness.

Kundalini is raised without sexual friction, by being in a state of selflessness and harmony within yourself.

Every monastic tradition promoted celibacy because the ideal was to raise kundalini and achieve cosmic consciousness and come closer to God. The lives of the saints demonstrates this fact. That was the purpose then but now celibacy is frowned upon.

Raising kundalini didn’t turn me into a saint, neither did I become a seer or a prophet, nor did it make life any easier. But my understanding increased by leaps and bounds and I become super-sensitive and aware. I was a changed person and as a result had more to cope with. Perhaps I was better at circumnavigating problems because I could see them coming.

Diana Adkins of the Orb Foundation made the remark that the negative flying saucers were attacking the medulla. I realized that this, the medulla, was the vital crossroad to ignite cosmic consciousness in mankind. By controlling and interfering with it, the archons, as I call them, were aborting cosmic consciousness on a mass scale for mankind.

As Gopi Krishna says, when the gift of kundalini is bestowed, there is no name for what is received. It is the key to mankind’s future spiritual evolution as a species.  

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This is a chapter from Gerda's upcoming book, "My Far Memory", due to be published later this year.
Her website is http://www.myfarmemory.com/
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