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Monday, April 15, 2013

Gerda's Story--Part 2 

What follows is the second part of Gerda Visconti's account of her Kundalini awakening.  The first installment appears on last Friday's post (April 12).

In the meanwhile I became busy with ideas to do with pyramid energy and a growing fascination with the structure in Egypt. I had applied for a patent and went to Holborn one morning in September to get more information.

As I left the Patent Office in Holborn, I realized that the current of energy, dormant for a time, had come alive and was rising through my heart. I was beginning to feel tranquil and slightly dizzy yet without the feeling that I might be fainting or passing out. I knew I had to find somewhere to sit in order to go with the energies overtaking my body. So I jumped on the first bus that came along, which luckily was going in the direction of Hyde Park where there would be greenery and a chance to abandon myself to whatever was happening in my body, surrounded by mother nature.

After ten minutes, the bus, instead of continuing along the edge of Hyde Park, turned up Edgeware Road. Perhaps I should have remained on that bus and just allowed myself to be overtaken by what was about to explode into my consciousness. After all, it was to be the most momentous occurrence of my life but I panicked and got off at Marble Arch.

The energy surged up into my throat as I rushed into the C&A store hoping to find a corner. There was nowhere to sit except for a lot of people so I hurried across the road into the Cumberland Hotel. Again masses of people and nowhere to sit.

By now I seemed to be functioning on semi-automatic, not really taking in what was happening around me as what was happening inside my head was so overwhelming, so colossal, that I had to cling on to a wall and just let it happen.

There was a sensation of gentle, vaulting expansion as I allowed myself to fall into the incredible slow-motion explosion that was beginning to overtake my consciousness. I was aware of a moving situation in the brain as I believe the energy reached the pineal gland. A sudden induction and surge set in motion the medulla, firing every neuron in my brain; my cortex  was being ignited and blitzed by thousands of miniature lightening flashes and sparks were being set ablaze all at once.

A neuro-chemical reaction was taking place in my head.

Trying to describe it I simply lack words because what happened to me was incommunicable.

The nearest I can get is to say that it was akin to a multiple orgasm, only the comparison is utterly inadequate as this experience which was so complete and a hundred times more powerful than a sexual orgasm.

I allowed myself to surrender to the indescribable, exquisite, bliss, that was beginning to overtake me. I was in an utterly different realm, a world where everything and anything was possible, a pinpoint of awareness within an illimitable sea of consciousness, An unutterable peace flooded my being and I felt profoundly at home and at one with my being and the cosmos, embraced by the omnipresence of a Loving Being, a togetherness with absolutely no fear of anything. Doubt and fear didn’t exist.

I lost all sense of time and reckoned in retrospect that this experience lasted approximately 8 to 15 minutes. I was standing in a corner holding on to the wall and I wanted to hold my head but had to hold on to the wall fearing I might collapse. It was my good fortune that I knew what was happening and didn’t panic. Gradually the sensation began to subside and I was more in control of my body. I managed to get home and collapsed on the sofa letting the effects pass over me. Momentarily, I had let everything go and had an incredibly deep rest. With my head still tingling, I sank into recollection of what had just happened. I was completely exhilarated and at peace.

I reckon my awareness had increased by about 200 to 500 per cent.

From an astrological view, Uranus had already been passing and retrograding over my moon for a month, and on that special day the sun was conjunct my Neptune.

This all took place in the middle of lunch-hour, full of passers-by. No one asked if I needed help. Had my energy field changed so much that I’d become invisible ?


I have to say that after this I was never the same person. My life changed and my interests changed almost completely. I left my old life behind. I no longer had time for mundane small talk and became extremely serious. My expanded perception made it difficult for me to be with people whose life revolved around social chit-chat like films, theatre and who they were going out with. Those friends faded out of my life. I met very different people with similar interests to mine and other problems.

I embarked on a study of astrology but as I felt this wasn’t enough, signed up for a psychology course though I soon realized that the kind of psychology being taught was actually a limitation so gave it up. After giving up my career in fashion I didn’t know how to earn money, but astrology offered me the odd five pounds here and there for a reading.

I took a course in astronomy at London University which proved valuable. Along with this, I devoured spiritual literature. I was definitely not the same person. My awareness seemed to have increased by leaps and bounds. I seemed to read people’s minds. I knew what they were going to say before they spoke. I knew when someone in the distance was thinking about me and was coming my way. I seemed to know if people were telling the truth or lying. I just had to focus on something or someone or a situation and I would get some kind of an answer or response. I was super-open and receptive.

I also lost my motivation and worldly ambition and my interests became of a non-material nature. I was overwhelmed by a sense of altruism and became interested in pyramid energy. I met with Jeffrey Blundell and got a mind mirror from him to investigate the pyramid. Along with this, I went to see Maxwell Cade who was training people in biofeedback. I so wanted people to wake up from their sleep of generations of lost potential. My experience with kundalini had shown me that our mental potential was unlimited and we were just like 6 year olds in elementary class learning the alphabet.

I became obsessed with how I could enthuse my friends and the people I came into contact with, and whenever I had an opportunity, I would start on these subjects but people were turned off. I was disappointed that mankind seemed to be so enslaved to materialism. It was so hard to come to terms with how asleep mankind actually was. Disheartened and incapacitated, I almost wished my life to end.

Gerda's website is http://www.myfarmemory.com
Her e-mail address is gerda@myfarmemory.com
The above is an excerpt from her forthcoming book titled "My Far Memory," due to be published later this year.
(picture found on her website)

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