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Friday, April 05, 2013


Yes, the times are challenging.  Yet in the midst of all this chaos and confusion, there are ways of keeping sanity, and knowing the abiding love of eternal creation.  Friends, nature, art (of all kinds), acts of loving kindness--these keep us balanced and prevent us from falling totally into the darkness of the shadow that seems to be hanging over the world.  Kundalini is perhaps the most important element of all, for it does not depend on the vacillations of the world scene, but keeps us connected to that which is an unending source of divine love.
Maintain your practice!  Acknowledge the shadow, but stand in the light!


There is no getting around it.
The sky is, finally, falling in.
The air is, at last, too full of poison
to breathe.
Water swirls toxic in our blood.

The prophets
have told us so,
that we would come to a time
when earth no longer sustains,
sky no longer comforts.
That we would be pressed
to find ways to celebrate
or even survive.

Yet celebrate we must
with rituals over
the dying friend,
with music for the dance
which will continue,
no matter what.

Even in the midst of horror
there is an opening to love.
Even as the missile
fixes on its distant target
we are held.

Today in the garden
the roses are blooming again,
suns unfolding,
lanterns blazing,
steadfast against the storm.

Dorothy Walters
April 3, 2013

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