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Monday, April 08, 2013

"What We Want" (poem by Dorothy 

Once more, this is a poem from the shadow rather than the light.  As I have said, I feel it is important to acknowledge both.  The shadow represents, for me, the deterioration of our social institutions and our wanton exploitation of the environment.  What Kundalini does for us, most of all, is to assure us that all is not lost, that joy and love can flourish even as we go through this intense transition into a higher level of consciousness.

What We Want

this is what we want:
sacrificial blood
smeared on the lintel,
the safe island retreat,
anything to keep us
from disaster, the unnamed
threat that hangs
over us, so constantly,
interrupting our sleep
with visions of nightmare,
the hag galloping, galloping
toward us,
the demon leering, grasping everything
in his all embracing arms.

What, we wonder,
is about to happen?
Forty years in the desert,
wandering without food
or water,
drought, flood,
fires raging over all?

Why have we come here?
we wonder.
What have we done
to deserve this,
was it our elegant vehicles
flashing along the roads,
our bad temperament
blocking legislative advance,
the big houses
and the greedy
Are we now to asphyxiate
in the air
we produced?
Drown in the toxic waters
we ourselves poisoned?

Why didn’t someone warn us,
tell us in time?
What is going to happen
In this strange new world,
where only the strong 
will survive?

Dorothy Walters
April 5, 2013

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