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Monday, May 13, 2013

Accessing the Subtle Subtle Energies 



Yoga, of course, when properly done, deals in the “subtle energies” of the body.   These are the “feelings” of the bliss currents within, the sometimes gentle, sometimes intense waves of ecstasy and rapture that can accompany the asanas themselves.  Many today imagine that yoga has a totally different purpose—to relax the system, or to tone and make more supple and athletic the muscles and other structures that make up what we think of as “who we are.”  The asanas can, of course, achieve these ends, but such is not its essential purpose.

The original and ultimate purpose of yoga is to give us connection to the divine—yoga translated means “yoke” and hatha yoga is but one aspect of this sacred system.

But for some—perhaps suddenly, perhaps after years of practice—there are even other ways of awakening the “bliss currents” within.  Some do it with music, when dedicated listening brings forth the streams of sweet rapture.  This is a definite physical sensation, occurring in and through the recognized subtle network (the yogis speak of these many inner channels as the “nadis” and there are many thousands of these.)

Others pursue other  modalities,, such as aromatherapy, gentle movement (t’ai chi, chi gong and the like), free form movement, dancing, crystal magic, sexual pleasure—all of these can awaken and circulate the sacred currents.

Some employ these subtle energies for more “outward” pursuits—such as observing the auras surrounding the body, energy healing, channeling, artistic endeavors, creative outlets of many kinds.

But—beyond the awakened muscular self and the sweet  and often delicate inner energies that may accompany such awakening, there is yet another, even more subtle, even more delicate energy system—this is what I call the “subtle subtle energy body.”

Over the years (say, about 30), I had explored many of the practices mentioned above.  But I had never really explored aroma therapy, and it was through this gateway that the energies I am describing made themselves known.  I  had already reached a point in my practice when I  felt the delightful flow through extremely gentle movement, perhaps by circling my hands over my arms and torso; sometimes I could move these currents simply by imperceptibly flexing my fingers or even by moving my eyes back and forth.

But it was when I discovered a bottle of tinctures from Australia and—after a few deep inhalations-- held this vial  as I moved my hands in circles over, across, and around my body-- that I seemed to reach yet another level.  First my face and ears opened, then my scalp, then—as I moved my hand downward—each chakra in turn was awakened into bliss.  I held the bottle several inches from my body—it was my “subtle body,” not my physical body that I was sensing.

Recently, I seem to have discovered yet another subtle subtle response.  My wonderful craniosacral practitioner recently showed me a very gentle, easy set of neck and shoulder stretches to alleviate the upper back pain that I have carried for years.  I have discovered that not only do these movements help to relieve the pain, but each often produces a special opening into the blissful channels of other, often unrelated parts of the body.  As I turn my neck toward my shoulder, I sometimes feel the currents moving up my spine in delightful ripples.  Sometimes a similar feeling awakens in some major chakra.
And this morning, there was yet another novel sensation.  I often perform gentle hip rotation as I do this set of moves, and I discovered that merely by moving my hips in gentle, small circles, I could in fact send delightful energies across my upper back (the place of previous pain) and shoulders.

These are what I call the “subtle subtle eneriges”.  They arouse feeling well beyond the familiar bliss of hatha yoga, operating as it does generally through the major chakras.  Such  diffuse pleasure offers a source of joy to many who can no longer perform the traditional asanas (perhaps because of age or physical limitations).   There is no end to blissful awakening.

Are these responses well known in the yoga community?  I have no idea, but I have never heard them discussed or read of them in spiritual journals.  And, unfortunately, I have no way to “teach” these practices to others.  I think each of us is on a solitary path where we must make our own essential discoveries, albeit we can often learn from more advanced teachers or guides.

I call my own journey that of the “sacred pathway.”  I call what I feel Kundalini bliss, for I believe that Kundalini is the ultimate source of the creative energies of the universe, and that we are extremely blessed when we tap into its amazing capacities to give us a taste of its boundless delight.

I also believe (with Gopi Krishna) that these are the energetic awakenings that—through Kundalini (creative energies of the universe, sacred union , holy spirit, god power) will bring us all into a new level of consciousness, universal awakening into a state where matter (humanity) is infused with divine essence.

P. S.  In all honesty, I also must confess that even after I do these delightful exercises, even after I feel the exquisite energies flowing in virtually all the places in my physical body, my muscles are still sore later on.  I know energies heal when they are sent through the places that ache or hurt, so I am puzzled as to why the bliss currents are replaced by soreness or pain once I stop.  Maybe the fact that the weather is cold and rainy has something to do with it.  Wish I could do the energetic movements all day some time and see if that helps.  But, alas, I must be about my business in the world and be grateful for the half hour or so of joy that comes my way.

P. P. S.  When I wrote the above paragraph (several days ago), there was indeed snow on the ground and chilly temperatures.  However, when I posted it on this blog, the weather had turned around--the snow was long gone and the thermometer read 86 degrees--far too hot for comfort.

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