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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Entering the Field of Love 

Yesterday I wrote about the intense gathering for "dream analysis" that I attended over the weekend. Since then I have been musing on its impact and meaning, for it was (for me) a powerful event, not because of the "interpretations" per se but because of the sweet energy field that was created and the many expressions of love that each participant extended to the others.

What is love?  I ask myself.  We all recognize it when we experience it, but how do we define it?

There are of course many, many different kinds of love.  Beyond romantic love, there is the love for the divine when it enters and embraces us through such means as Kundalini energies.  The blissful currents we feel within at that time surpass all efforts to define or even describe, yet they convince us that we are now in sacred space and are, as it were, held in the arms of divine reality.  We and it become one.

I think of this kind of love as vertical--as if there were a channel or path connecting human and divine, a fusion of two levels of truth.

Another kind of love is that of one human for another--not as romantic lovers, but rather as sacred friends, even those whom we barely know.  When we enter this state, everyone looks lovely--as does all the world around us, even the trash at the corner or the "lost ones" on the street.  This love is "horizontal," person to person, heart to heart, self to surroundings.

Either form can be difficult to bear (though they are not mutually exclusive).  Many are totally terrified when Kundalini ecstasy makes itself known within. They are unaccustomed to such overwhelming affirmation. Likewise, the open expression of love of one person for another can also be difficult to bear.  We are not used to such dissolution of the barriers that generally keep us "safe" within our own space when we encounter others.  We learn from early on that to express love fully is dangerous, for we may be demeaned or even rejected.  We keep our distance, staying in our own "safety zone."

The experience of the weekend was one in which a love field emerged that embraced all the participants.  We felt and freely expressed our love one for another.  Our hearts were indeed opened.  Our "leader"  (Michael Regan) was of course primarily responsible for this--he conveyed his own sense that love itself is the means by which we discover who we are and taste our undeniable connection to source and one another.

What would happen if the entire world became such a "field of love"?  As I suggested earlier, I think it would be heaven on earth.

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