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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Michel Regan and the Field of Love 

Note: The following entry is out of place.  It was intended to precede the entry on "The Field of Love."

I have just "returned" from one of the most remarkable gatherings I have attended in many years.  The occasion was the "work" of Michael Regan, a spiritual teacher and counselor of high order.

Michael is unusual in his approach and his being.  He utilizes dream work (of members of the group) as an entry point.  Each participant is invited to describe a dream, and using this as focus for discussion, Michael enables the dreamer to see what the underlying message of the dream might be.  Many times what surfaces is some aspect of the shadow that the speaker has been unwilling or unable to perceive.  These revelations can be extremely emotional for the participants, and often they end up sobbing.

All of these transactions occur in a great field of love.  Michael addresses each member with great respect and candor.  He is like a surgeon probing gently and lovingly beneath the surface--revealing the wound so that it may be healed.

I found the experience amazing and transformative.  First of all, I was unused to so much love--from both leader and participants--to be so openly expressed.  And, to be honest, I was amazed by the willingness of others not only to bare their deepest emotions and fears, but sometimes to weep in so doing.  I myself have trouble crying at all, and certainly would experience great shame to weep in front of others (childhood conditioning).

I had planned to attend this event as a "silent witness" observing others having "their" experience.  But Michael cleverly drew me in as participant--my personal discovery was not traumatic, but it did draw my attention to an area of my life that needs to be addressed (essentially, the message was "do more in your life and don't hold back").

Michael is indeed an authentic teacher.  He possesses the kind of profound wisdom that is rare on the spiritual path, where many speak from less evolved perspectives.

It even occurred to me that being with Michael is a kind of foretaste of heaven--for one is now with a loving, totally accepting collection of kindred souls, like the "group souls" I think we may experience in the other world.  In this state (in my notion) we would participate in the "group soul," but at the same time we would preserve our individual identities.  And we would know that state of consciousness in which we are fully possessed by love and thus the world and all it contains is revealed to us in its underlying radiance and enduring beauty.

Before I attended this gathering, I had assumed the focus would be essentially "personal psychology" rather than "transpersonal psychology," the realm of Kundalini and spiritual endeavors.  But, with its emphasis on the power of love and the transformative power of inner healing through insight into one's essential nature, the experience incorporated the transpersonal realms, where profound changes can take place.

Kundalini itself is one of the most basic expression of love--of human for divine, of divine for human, and of love of each of us for others and the world and all it contains.

Michael's website contains the following description :        
Michael’s work invites people from diverse backgrounds to explore an inborn vision of awakening that is rooted in a primal, divine essence and leans into new frontiers in empowerment, creative expression and the embodiment of love. 

His website is www.michaelregan.us/‎

He presents most often in New Mexico (near Santa Fe), Colorado (Boulder), and the Bay Area in California.  He also leads wilderness retreats.

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