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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Poem by Bob Savino 

                                        HOLY COMMUNION

    all at once I was there     the Presence

    a torrent of ecstasy seamlessly pitched
    beyond our range of hearing    a Light
    too blindingly pure--unseeable by eyes

    I don't know why it descended on me
    abruptly  out of nowhere  everywhere
    splitting me open like a milkweed pod
    piercing straight to my defenseless soul
    snowy seeds of awe and pain   rapture
    and longing  spilled into the drastic air

    they're numberless   the names of God
    who can say one's right   one's wrong?
    each is born from ravished awakening!

    the name that now    unerringly struck
    transfixing me, was this: Infinitely Holy

    I felt this loved this died this knew this
    This is what I am   you are   everything
    no matter how outrageously we forget

    I wept at human folly     the difference
    between how we live and what we are


                                                                        Bob Savino

This beautiful poem by Bob Savino captures in a very special way the moment of awakening to divine presence.  Many who undergo spontaneous Kundalini awakening undergo such experience--unexpected, rapturous, and nearly overwhelming.

(Note: the above picture is what I am (again) seeing from my window today.  Once again, we are having substantial snow, even though it is now May.)


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