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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Themes for Operas--poem by Dorothy 

Themes for Operas

(dedicated to all who have ever suffered a broken heart, for whatever reason)

The broken heart:
how many ways
the motif plays over
and over
in its myriad forms.

The deceitful lover:
that is one of the favorites.
First the trusting partner,
the adoring mate.
Then the surprise of
a ship wreck,
an overturning
of expectation,
someone left
on a deserted island,
a voice sobbing
in the night.

Who knows why it happens?
Inadequate DNA,
the deceiver
filled with bravado
leading to excess,
the deceived
not sturdy enough
to play the game?
Naivete punished for its
own sake?
Are our lives nothing
but themes
for operas,
for ballads
of lost loves?

Dorothy Walters
April 13, 2013

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