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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Andrew Harvey==free talk on the Shlift Network 


Here is an announcement of an upcoming free presentation on the Shift Network by Andrew Harvey.  If you google the above address, you can register for this talk. 
The talk begins on Saturday at 10 A.M. Pacific time.

Dear Dorothy,

One of the most heartening developments in The Shift Network this year is the pioneering of a "Christ Path for the 21st century" with modern mystic and bestselling author Andrew Harvey.

Over 700 people from 26 countries took his Christ Path introductory course over the last few months and the results were truly remarkable in terms of healed relationships with Christianity, "life-changing" spiritual openings, and a marriage of spiritual practice and sacred action.

It's opened the door for potent insights into the marriage of masculine and feminine, navigating the Dark Night, transforming the shadow and more. For people who had been disenchanted with the Christ lineage, it's brought new understanding of the esoteric aspects of this path.

As a result of this reaction, this Saturday, we decided to open up a new free call with Andrew on "Living Christ Consciousness: Advanced Teachings and Practices for Embodying Sacred Love in Action" and share some of his most important advanced teachings with you for free.

Register here: http://theshiftnetwork.com/LivingChristConsciousness

My strong sense is that this exploration of the Christ Path holds one of the essential keys to healing our world. Christianity is woven into so much of Western culture that if we can heal and upgrade the foundations while celebrating the sacred core, great changes are possible. And this has also profound personal implications for our own path, especially so many of us who were raised Christian.

Our possibility is to take Jesus off the pedestal and see him as a wayshower for all of us to live Christ consciousness... for real.

Andrew is simply brilliant as a speaker: every word is as precisely chosen as poetry, spoken straight into the heart. He's one of the only speakers we feature whose words stop me in my tracks and leave me fumbling for something to say. They ring with total truth and call me into the next level of my path, as I know they do for many others.

So do join us on Saturday at 10 am (and sign up even if you can't make it live to get the recording). This is really the beginning of a whole new stage of embodying our highest spiritual potential in action.

Register here: Living Christ Consciousness

And just to be clear, this is not just for Christians but anyone with a sincere heart and open mind from any tradition (including atheists). You'll also get to hear about a 9 month program we're launching soon.

  In spirit,
p.s. Here is a testimonial from Andrew's recent course to get a feeling for the reaction he inspires:

"The Christ Path with Andrew Harvey was a life changing experience. Every lecture was the perfect balance of grounded realism and Spiritual ecstasy. The bridging of Heaven and Earth and Divine Feminine and Masculine resonated totally and was energetically palpable through Andrew. I am so grateful for this beloved, authentic, passionate and visionary soul and the urgent message he brings at this time. His validation was critical to me at this time and I hope his message is heard by many for the sake of the planet and all beings. Bless you Andrew!"
--Amata B., La Cienega, New Mexico


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