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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking--poem by Dorothy 


We go on our wanderings,
looking here,
seeking there,
turning over this leaf
or stone,
scrutinizing the clouds
for a message,
sometimes just stopping
and listening carefully.
Don’t you ever get tired
of this endless searching,
this fruitless pursuit of a sign?
Don’t you sometimes long
for a final revelation,
angels descending on
a cloud,
the ultimate “aha!”
What would you do
if you made a sudden discovery,
the light surrounding you
like a revelation,
heavenly choirs
singing hosanna?
Would you be happier then?
Could you cope
with this amazed wildness
touching your cells alive,
reminding you
that you, too, are stardust,
pulsation in the eternal flow.

Dorothy Walters
from "The Ley Lines of the Soul"

(picture from Margaret Dolinsky)

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