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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Michael Black, mystic and poet 

It has now been over three months since Michael Black was struck and killed by a hit and run driver as he was walking on the side of a narrow road.  Although I saw Michael only occasionally, he occupied a very important place in my mind and heart.  Michael was a true mystic.  He had "inner adventures" far beyond what most of us ever experience. He felt that he came from "some other place," perhaps a planet, or even Atlantis or Lemuria.  He was inordinately fond of crystals and always wore the latest acquisition around his neck.  He was an energy healer and helped many with his gift, though he did not charge for his services.  He was the kindest man I ever met.  I never heard him speak ill of another person.
Michael was also a writer and a poet.  He was working on a five volume "channeled" work when he died.  He often sent me copies of his poems, and here is one of his last efforts:
Tree Lake’s Heart

(for Eldest)

Picture a delicate but sturdy Tree
Growing out of the center of a still
Lake that is your heart.

Now imagine that all beings you encounter want
A place to hang their hearts upon your Tree.

This particularly sacred and holy
Tree will sprout within you and blossom
Skyward upon a scaffolding of words.

Welcome this Tree of Life to your heart,
Which ties together so many spiritual traditions
With its deeply satisfying pool of energies.

Acknowledge all of Creation hovering nearby,
Gathered around to celebrate its imminent arrival
And joyfully share in its frequencies.

Those who feel ready will want a still place
On or under your sheltering canopy that
Confers peace, joy and contentment within.

Your Creation will provide a means of
Erecting Heaven on Earth, one born of
Mutual responsibility and shared sacrifice.

It is time for the hearts of all illumined walking trees
To be awash in gratitude.

Know that soul’s candles illuminating
Each tree will burn brightly and true, as through
All that preceded it is gently swept away.

Share your verdant, cool waters with one
Another as we erect scaffolding for a New Earth,
One born of Beloved’s Divine Light.

Stand firm in each of your respective trees,
And know that nothing can distract from the
Vertical flow of energies, the same

Frequencies that manifest Heaven on Earth, and
Earth in Heaven.  Drink from that delicate but sturdy
Tree growing out of the center of a still lake that is

Your Heart.  Watch as darkness is parted by your Light,
And be joyful!

Michael Black
(March, 2013)


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